What Is The Relationship Between Blockchain And Medicine?

Blockchain and Medicine: With the popularization of the internet, and the need to share data between large companies and institutions, blockchain technology proves efficient, as it guarantees a secure exchange of information.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work? 

Think of blocks scattered worldwide that together form a global network. In each of these blocks, there are materials to be unveiled and specific machines to do this.

If the material inside the car is approved, it is sealed with a highly complex code of letters and numbers and joins the other vehicles that have also been approved.

Therefore, if someone wants and tries to steal one of the cars, they will have to discover more than one code, which is practically impossible.

This extensive network of cars has no owner, so shipments are available to anyone who wants to access them. However, it is essential to state that you cannot see which car was shipped and what material was in it, only the shipping dates.

Three Blockchain Applications In Medicine 

Blockchain technology is typically designed to protect and store files through encryption, so with the difficulty of outside interference, patients’ medical information can remain secure in these databases.

Now, let’s see how this works in practice!

Electronic Medical Record

A medical record is a tool used to store patient data. In many cases, it is done manually, simply using paper and pen. However, with the advancement of technology, new and more efficient ways have emerged, such as bringing everything physical to digital.

Using electronic medical records is investing in facilitating the work of the health professional who can access patient data from anywhere. However, this access needs extreme protection, and this is where blockchain technology comes in.

It assists in finding this health data, no matter where the doctor is, in addition to protecting records and helping in more accurate analysis.

Medical Records And Information

You already know that blockchain technology assists in data storage security. And it is precisely this advantage that this topic addresses.

Patient records and information are naturally stored in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. With Blockchain, this data is shared along with the patient’s needs. That is, he chooses who can access and forward this information.

Why is it important? If the patient previously authorized the use of this data and shared it with laboratories and hospitals, it avoids various types of bureaucracy, especially in emergencies. Thus, the service becomes faster and easier.

Scientific Research 

You know the importance of science and how advances shape our future. In addition to increasing the security of the research and studies carried out, the pharmaceutical industry and medical universities can select who will have access to the records using the Blockchain.

In this way, it is much more difficult for there to be changes that should not be made to the data or loss of important information!

Strengths And Weaknesses Of Using Blockchain In Medicine

All things in the world have a good side and a not-so-good side. Do you want to know the two faces of using Blockchain in medicine? Follow the thread:

Strong Point: Transparency

By simplifying the access and sharing of medical records, blockchain technology can also help healthcare and patients.

Patients have transparent access to their records and average information and, if necessary, can request changes that guarantee that the documents are authentic, preventing falsification and errors.

Weak Point: Cost And Time

Large databases like those of already consolidated hospitals need wider technology adoption. However, a significant blockchain network needs more time to share and store data than smaller networks.

Furthermore, adopting this broad technology requires a high investment a priori. Therefore, only companies with a large volume of funds can invest.

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