What Are Marketing Automation And Its Benefits?

When we delve into digital marketing, one of the first things we will come across is marketing automation. This topic can be confusing for many people, but your company needs to achieve the desired results.

Data from “The Ultimate Marketing Automation stats” study conducted by Email Monday showed that 67% of marketing leaders currently use a marketing automation platform. Additionally, 65% of marketing executives plan to spend more money on technology in the coming year. 

That is, the marketing automation market is in total growth and will bring a lot of returns in the coming years. Among the benefits that marketing automation can get, we have: greater productivity and more efficiency of the sales funnel.

What Is Marketing Automation?

The first thing we’re going to talk about is what marketing automation is. This concept is nothing more than using tools to automate your marketing actions’ processes, aiming to increase their efficiency and scalability and offer a personalized relationship with your leads.

Some leading digital marketing automation can be done in email marketing shots, scheduling posts on social networks, chatbots and lead management.

With marketing automation, it is possible to create a workflow where tasks are chained one after the other, all automatically and without human interference.

Through this process, you can generate and nurture leads until they are ready to become your customers. This can be done through the relationship with the leaders in one of the ways mentioned above.

Even after doing business with your company, marketing automation can be used to activate stalled customers and build their loyalty.

What Are The Benefits Of Marketing Automation?

There are many benefits to using marketing automation. The data presented at the beginning of the text reveal that many companies have started to use this methodology.

Grow Your Business

Among the benefits, the scalability of your business is one of them. You can increase your production line and sales through marketing automation without increasing costs.

As processes are automated, the company’s productivity increases, ensuring that you can achieve more results. A study by Mossed revealed that 78% of marketers believe that automation is essential to increase a company’s revenue. 

Improved Sales Funnel Efficiency

Through the sales funnel, you can identify which moment of purchase that customer is at. With that, you can deliver content according to their needs and interests, increasing their chances of moving on to the next step and closing a deal.

With automation, the time required to carry out all this management is optimized; after all, everything is done automatically.

Decreases The Chances Of Failures

As we mentioned earlier, the fact that it is automated ensures that the processes do not allow interference with other people. This decreases the chances of human errors, allowing the entire process to be done correctly.

Integrated Navigation Channels

Marketing Automation offers the best experience for your customers, allowing integration between all your company’s navigation channels.

In this way, a customer can fill in the information through social networks, but it will be available to be forwarded to other channels, such as Email, WhatsApp, etc.

Four Tips For Good Marketing Automation

Now that you know what marketing automation is and its advantages, let’s give you some tips to make good automation in your company.

Define The Processes

The first thing is to define the processes that will be automated and what goals your team is seeking with them.

Choose A Tool

With the previous step well defined, it’s time to go after the right tool that will allow you to carry out all this automation.

Do Segmentation And Personalization

The next point is to correctly segment and personalize leads, so you can ensure that they receive quality content that is of interest, increasing the chances of moving forward in the sales funnel.

Perform The Optimizations

Finally, it is essential to constantly be evolving and seeking to carry out the necessary optimizations. Through optimization tools, you enable the creation of insights.

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