The Advantages Of Server Less Technology

Simplified Operational Management

Server less Technology: Auto scaling functionality not only lowers the cost of computing but also lowers operational management overhead.

Rapid Innovation

Product engineers can innovate rapidly or as server less architecture alleviates systems engineering issues in the underlying platform. Thus, it offers less time for operations, translating into a smooth application of DevOps and agile methodologies.

Reduced Operating Cost

Like IaaS and PaaS, reducing infrastructure and human resource costs is the core advantage of server less architecture, where you pay for managed servers, databases, and application logic.

So we have a service like Amazon’s AWS Lambda, a public cloud infrastructure provider with a server less computing offering, that only charges for the time the function is called.

As a result, the cost of running Lambda functions can be 95% less than running a server all month with a container.

Now, services that used to rent servers on AWS, which used to cost thousands of dollars, have been reduced to less than US$ 10. Since it is already a trend, the leading cloud providers, such as Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and Oracle, also provide FaaS services.


It is not only in cost reduction that the Server less model is different. The very nature of server adjustment, without the need for direct action by users, provides a much higher level of agility than the simple cloud application.

This way, it becomes possible to scale a system and applications according to a scenario of significant growth. Thus, one of the great advantages of Server less is the possibility of passing the performance tuning control from purely individual servers to general units of consumption, such as memory or throughput.

As this type of work does not fall into the hands of the internal IT team, employees can dedicate themselves to other tasks, such as putting business plans into direct practice. They will be okay with directly fitting and placing new processes in the system.

The optimization process also positively influences cost reduction in the FaaS model. The performance improvements that can be made to the code are guaranteed to increase application speed and also cut operating expenses.

Decreased Risk Of Direct Threats To Infrastructure

Removing management from within the organization also reduces security breaches, to which the entire system is exposed. Thus, good Server less computing providers have teams specialized in the subject and general protection against attacks.

In this way, your company now has greater control over the updates carried out, special monitoring of possible risks, and contingency plans carried out on demand, guaranteeing the continuous availability of the system.

Removing management from within the company is also a way to reduce the security breaches to which a system is exposed on a day-to-day basis.

No matter how good your internal team is, the truth is that not all employees will be available to monitor all threats. By hiring a good Server less provider, your business will have cutting-edge technology and professionals fully dedicated to everything that involves cloud computing.

Integration Of Different Sectors Of The Company

As the functionalities offered by the Server less model can adapt according to the production and operation of each sector of your company, it becomes easier to integrate professionals from different areas.

In addition, the model also provides optimized integration between processes in a single system, as well as flexibility in tools. In this way, each task will be carried out in the best possible way, always respecting the characteristics of your business.

Significant Competitive Advantage

Digital transformation has transformed the entire way in which companies relate to technology. You must always keep up with trends to ensure that your business remains relevant and can continuously generate opportunities.

Investing in Server less computing is an exciting way to gain more competitiveness. This is because you will be betting on process optimization and agility in delivering results.

The Server less model is the evolution of a technology already consolidated in the market, cloud computing. He seeks the best practices and methods to make life easier for the IT professional.

Therefore, it allows the internal team to be more relaxed with the management and ongoing maintenance of the systems. When released from these activities, professionals can dedicate themselves exclusively to innovation and the organization’s core business.

Disadvantages Of The Server Less Model

But not only benefits IT. Like other innovations, the server less operation also has its drawbacks. For example, vendor control and security concerns are some problems caused by using third-party APIs ( Application Programming Interfaces).

Another sore point is the dependency caused by developers on systems debugging tools that need access to a significant amount of relevant metrics to identify the root cause.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) systems have exposed traffic modeling and load balancing techniques via Geodon’s or Zulu services.

In the server less architecture, we lose this flexibility, as opaque load balancers handle user requests. One is AWS API Gateway, a managed service that allows developers to create, publish and secure APIs in different contexts.

In these cases, the platform chooses a Lambda function deployed in the same region where the request arrives. Finally, the Server less operation model creates an unavoidable delay in constructing the distributed computing architecture since it is highly complex.

‍Why Use Server Less

Faced with so many pros and cons, after all, why opt for Server less? As previously mentioned, when using a server, you no longer have the problems of the old IT scenario, where there are no more purchases, configurations, and, of course, the attack.

Therefore, the advantages are diverse for you, the developer, who will only be concerned with your code. At the same time, for the entrepreneur, a single highlight is of great relevance: cost reduction, especially with the payroll, already that you will no longer need such a large IT staff.

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