Relationship Ruler Automation: Even Robots Need Us

A relationship ruler is defined by a series of marketing and sales practices aimed at building a good relationship with the customer — which facilitates loyalty.

Some of these practices can be automated, but this action requires some care. It is necessary, for example, to evaluate them constantly so that they remain efficient.

The relationship ruler is a valuable competitive differentiator, giving us tools to improve consumer satisfaction.

But how can it be automated to get even better results? If you want to answer these and other questions, you are in the right place!

The Relationship Ruler Goes Beyond What You Think

The relationship rule is a fundamental part of the sales strategy. Eduardo Endo explains that it can only be conceived by considering this factor.

Thus, triggers are fired throughout the customer’s journey so that a new message is sent according to a specific demand.

Only some realize that even a high level of automation does not prevent the strategy from being customized.

In addition to emails, SMS messages, and contacts on social networks, for example, a certain action can be programmed to require a phone call. So it is!

The operating cost, in this case, may be higher — but the point here is to show that the possibilities should not be discarded. This information gathering is crucial. And naturally, we need to make sure it’s robust, right?

Going into the field, creating a persona strategy, and using design thinking are some practices that help map the segmented profile of our clients: age, social class, gender, region, where they work, etc.

And you can go further! Tracing a customer profile involves questions such as:

  • understand the ideal language to strengthen ties;
  • identify the problems and pains of these people;
  • map the right points to trigger actions and get in touch;
  • know the ideal type of content to attract this audience to your platform.

These factors make us quickly realize that the relationship ruler goes far beyond the basic work of triggering actions in the customer journey. But, avoid making a common mistake: giving up personally controlling some processes.

Automation Is The Answer To Almost Everything

Most contacts and flows can be automated. Communication can be via WhatsApp, email, CRM, Artificial Intelligence (chatbots), etc.

There are many possibilities, and they work even better when integrated to promote an omni experience. However, our expert explains that even telephone contact should be considered, depending on the niche.

The good news is that even that can be automated with virtual robots, see? Still, this analysis requires some care.

Otherwise, it would be necessary to rely on the manager’s feelings to decide the best action — precisely the challenge the relationship ruler created to overcome.

The tip, then, is to avoid guesswork: devise a strategy keeping in mind that automation is a powerful tool, but the human presence in service channels continues to be more efficient to close sales at certain points in the journey.

Yes, It Takes Work, But The Team Supports Yours

Did you see how this great power comes with great challenges? It is not by chance that each company has a specific demand regarding using the relationship ruler.

The result is a much better margin for the business, while the customer is more satisfied – which means loyalty is in your hands.

Still, the implementation challenges must be addressed. Here, Eduardo brings us two fundamental factors: knowledge and experience.

For the specialist, it is necessary to have people who manipulate these tools, but, above all, to have a strategy, to know the client, and to have a speed of change. Adaptive maturity is crucial because things never go exactly as they started.

As the scenario unfolds, the strategy needs to be adapted – and the faster and more efficiently this is done, the better the results. The good news is that you can count on the support of those who know the most about the subject.

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