3 Impacts Of Artificial Intelligence Solutions On Business

The impacts of AI (artificial intelligence) solutions are necessary and generate good results and customer satisfaction returns, but they still need to be explored by institutions and corporations.

However, it is notable that digitization has gained its space and promises to occupy the market even more, making life easier for companies and increasing their productivity, efficiency, and profit.

Follow this article and understand more about AI solutions’ evolution and impacts on current businesses.

The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence In The Market

In recent years, the advancement of AI solutions has positively affected companies in different ways. In addition to enabling efficient process automation, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence has also brought various solutions to the market aimed at continuous process improvement and a customer-centric experience.

For example, chatbots have optimized the service sector in solving simple problems in companies. Or even Big Data solutions, used by companies to improve the consumer experience and perform predictive analysis since predictions of AI in the market are favorable and investments in this area continue growing. Especially when it comes to focusing on customer experience and better satisfaction.

Regardless of size or segment, using artificial intelligence solutions more competitively is possible. But for that, in addition to understanding its concept and knowing its resources, it is necessary to understand how it can improve the business as a whole.

3 Impacts Of AI Solutions On Business 

When thinking about the impacts of AI solutions, one thinks of automation, anticipation, and personalization. Follow more about each of these impacts:


In summary, automation is nothing more than “automating” something; it replaces routine and everyday human activity with an automated AI process.

Several technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ), etc., added to high-speed communication, can generate a context of hyper-automation.

Automating operations within a company means having a smart option available by injecting processes. And also expanding the ability to respond to different situations to be more profitable.

In this context, Simply, with the use of technologies such as OCR, AI, Cloud Computing, and RPA, manages to carry out this automation, generating much more efficiency and reducing human effort, reducing failures, and improving the digital experience.


Anticipation is about models that study a large amount of data and offer interesting insights into the future through data patterns and statistical techniques, predicting the volume of future activities and sizing the necessary resources.

With anticipation technologies, it is possible, for example:

  • Estimate sales volume;
  • Project inventory volumes;
  • Evaluate the sales potential of a product for certain consumers;
  • Create marketing campaigns for specific and focused audiences.

Knows that currently, the amount of data and information that companies work with has a very high flow of it daily.

Therefore, having predictive models in your operation is very important, and that’s what DeLorean does! Through Machine Learning, this solution can learn the behavior of its customers from their data, creating statistical forecast models; that is, the greater the volume of data, the more accurate the forecast will be.


Personalization is directly focused on the best experience and total customer satisfaction, especially because it generates greater engagement, loyalty, and specific treatment that meets the real needs of each client.

They are through recommendation systems that optimize strategies and dynamics and offer the right product when this happens.

It is standard to provide the best customer experience and bring efficiency through digitization, processes that dominate with its “Go Digital / Be Digital” approach that seeks end-to-end automation, raising the level and capacity of the business with a focus on technology and strategies that drive results.

Therefore, these are some of the impacts of AI solutions that make technology a great ally to positive business results. Count on us to help your company on this digital transformation journey.

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