Reinvent Your Business In The Digital Market

The digital market is growing considerably. Therefore, having an online business is not just an alternative but a matter of survival for those who want to remain relevant in the market.

Just like the traditional market, there are transformations in the online environment that retailers need to keep an eye on. Check now what you need to know about the digital market:

Digital Market Trends You Need To Know

See what’s trending in the digital market and what your business can’t miss:


Although not necessarily new, chatbot technology has gained a lot of strength in recent years — especially in this post-pandemic period, where online sales and the digital market have grown dramatically. The mixture of the chat (conversation) with a robot (robot) removes the simplest questions from the consumer so that the service team only cares about what is relevant.

The chatbot is an autonomous artificial intelligence technology that takes machine learning principles. The more he interacts with the public, the more he “learns” to be humanized and give answers more consistent with the consumer’s doubts.

Your business can use chatbot technology in various resources, such as websites, e-commerce, Facebook and WhatsApp. It is practically indispensable for a growing business.

User Experience

The entire digital market is driven to offer the best possible user experience. And what would that be? Also called UX (user experience), user experience is the set of factors related to user interaction on a website, blog or, in the case of a retailer, e-commerce. It refers, for example, to the possibility of zooming in on the photos, easily finding the product you want and doing the checkout quickly.

The better the user experience, the more chances he has to return to your e-commerce and become a loyal customer.

Video Marketing

The emergence of Reels and the strength of YouTube (the second-largest social network and search engine) show that video content is stronger than ever, especially when shorter.

A human’s attention span is eight seconds—shorter than a goldfish’s. Video content, therefore, is the ideal tool in the digital market: it doesn’t require much concentration, shows information creatively and holds the user’s attention through audio and video.

Investing in video content on social networks and landing pages (these can be longer) can make all the difference in capturing your potential customer’s attention and turning your store into an authority in the digital market.

Mobile Marketing

E-commerce platforms with responsive design are essential for a digital business. Your virtual store needs to adapt to different screens to give the user the best possible experience. 

Another mobile-related segment that is also growing is that of applications. An app of its own helps the user have light and fast access to your e-commerce products.

Big Data

Data collection is fundamental to know your potential customer: it is possible to know their age group, gender, region and how they arrived at your e-commerce. Even more, all this gives the possibility to analyze, customize, segment, prioritize and adapt to market transformations.

In other words, big data is nothing more than that huge volume of data that needs to be segmented and analyzed to offer more accurate answers to the demands of a company, such as intelligent pricing, personal development, marketing analysis and customer satisfaction.

Voice Search

Voice search in e-commerce is a resource that allows the user to find the desired product just by speaking, without having to type anything in the search tool. This is possible through speech recognition made by artificial intelligence, made possible by the union of linguistics with computing, which gave rise to computational linguistics.

The great advantage of voice search is that it speeds up the search for the user, who doesn’t have to stop to type what he needs. In addition, this type of search is even faster than the traditional one. Therefore, it is a trend that only grows in the digital market.

How To Take The First Steps In The Digital Market

See what you need to do to have an online business:

Have An E-Commerce

Although it is possible to do business through social networks, marketplaces and even WhatsApp, having your virtual store is the safest and most professional way to invest in the digital market. You can offer a better view of products, different payment methods and a secure platform to make a purchase. 

Make A Marketing Plan

What is your goal in the digital market? Have more customers, change the business’s branding, become a reference in the segment? Each business has its target, but it is necessary to establish it before taking any measures.

Then it’s time to create a digital marketing plan. With it, you can establish which tools you will use, which audience you want to reach, the language, visual identity and even the type of product/service you will sell.

Find Out Who Your Audience Is

In the digital market, defining a persona is better than choosing a target audience, that is, an archetype of your ideal client. A business can have up to three personas, as the types of consumers in each store tend to vary, but ideally, you shouldn’t go beyond that.

Create Content

Content is all the text, audio and image messages your company produces. It must be aligned with the brand identity the business wants to convey. In addition, it needs to be relevant and answer questions from potential customers.

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