Artificial Intelligence: See Four Benefits Of Data Management

A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a feature reserved for science fiction movies. It has been some time, however, that it has been applied by companies in tasks as complex as data analysis, as it offers insights similar to those of the human mind.

But what is AI, and what benefits can it bring to organizations? Artificial Intelligence is the technology feature that allows machines to make decisions independently. Using neural networks nourished with data, AI systems can decide which path to follow, unlike other models that only do what they were programmed to do.

This means that a machine with Artificial Intelligence is more potent than others because, over time, it absorbs more information that improves decision-making. Isn’t it cool?

One of the main applications of Artificial Intelligence occurs precisely in data management. Below, we show why this feature is valuable and how it can help your company make better decisions. Check out!

Reduce Costs And Improve Operational Efficiency

How much does it cost to do data analysis in your company? With the help of systems with Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to save a lot on this task and not miss any evaluation relevant to the business.

The data analysis process can be costly and time-consuming and consequently cause a company to miss the opportunity to act. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to make it more effective and put insights into practice quickly.

The result is that your company saves money, gains more reliable insights, and reduces the incidence of errors.

Get More Productivity With Artificial Intelligence

AI can significantly help in data management, especially regarding the productivity benchmark. As systems with Artificial Intelligence work autonomously, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, they can run more queries and perform a more significant amount of analysis than any human analyst.

This is an advantage in the Big Data era, as most companies have a lot of data to utilize but not enough analysts to generate valuable insights for the business.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence, productivity in data analysis increases, and there are several additional benefits, such as increased accuracy of insights.

In some areas, AI-based data analysis tools already help companies be more productive without having to spend a lot to do so. These solutions come ready-made right out of the box. One example is Legal Robot, an AI tool that helps process legal documents to find errors that could cost law firms dearly.

Solve Complex Problems With AI

One of the characteristics of AI, represented by the resource’s ability to choose the most intelligent path to solve a problem, is particularly useful in data analysis. After all, it makes sorting out the relevant information to resolve failures even easier.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from the simple algorithms of Machine Learning. Today, she helps organizations deal with complex problems like fraud.

That’s how companies like PayPal spot anomalous behavior and act to stop it. With Artificial Intelligence, the company detects the purchasing behavior of each customer and manages to point out, with great precision, when it was not he who made the purchase.

This is good for two reasons: complex decision-making makes it possible to deal, in just a few seconds, with situations that overloaded the company’s employees until recently. In addition, it does not stop working when your employees go home, constantly operating in monitoring and analysis.

Generate New Insights For The Business

Finally, know that Artificial Intelligence also empowers the company’s analytics. Business Intelligence systems need to be manipulated by a human being to provide insight or analysis. Still, those that rely on AI can detect bottlenecks and opportunities even if no one is looking for them.

Therefore, they are very effective in data analysis and add more value to your organization. Although Artificial Intelligence has attracted attention in recent years, the concept and its application in computing are old and date back at least 60 years.

We use AI in our daily lives with the help of virtual assistants like Siri. In addition, companies like Google and Uber are already working so that this technology can be used in smart cars and other devices to make people’s lives easier.

With the emergence of Big Data, the use of Artificial Intelligence accelerated, and some of the applications of the resource that we can expect for the future revolve around complex decision-making, such as that made by doctors when diagnosing patients. There is already a system that uses AI: IBM Watson.

As with other technologies of the past, companies that first learn to use Artificial Intelligence will come out on top. Therefore, investing in the resource and starting to apply it will bring the benefits you saw here and a competitive advantage.

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