PCNOK [Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma] – Complete Review

PCNOK is the abbreviated form of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma. It is an organization with a network of 19 healthcare centers in the Oklahoma state of America. It aims to provide the best healthcare by connecting patients with health care providers. It was founded in 2014 and has grown largely. PCNOK is lending its outstanding services to the sick and their families and helping them to have a better life. Let us see in detail about PCNOK in this article.

An Overview of PCNOK

The present-day world is running on the wheels of the latest technological inventions. Every sector is using technology’s help to run their work effectively, productively, and quickly. Technology has made a big difference in every sector, including healthcare. Along with health tech services, the health care system is also gaining benefits from the latest technological advancements by providing the best health management solutions and remote services.

PCNOK gives its best aid to ill patients with chronic and long-term diseases and old age people through smart health technology. It also extends its services to people in rehabilitation centers. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes to everyone’s life, like social distancing, a sedentary lifestyle, restricted movements in public, and much more. Of late, sick patients prefer to get online healthcare solutions and want to monitor their health concerns remotely.

So PCNOK, or Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, is a universal solution to remotely get the best treatment in healthcare facilities. Please read further to know the mission, advantages, the members of PCNOK, and many more.

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What Is PCNOK?

The PCNOK is a network of 19 healthcare centers in Oklahoma founded in 2014 to provide the best and the most advanced healthcare solutions to sick people. The organization tries to fulfill its aim by treating its patients with innovative healthcare procedures through team collaboration.

The PCNOK is a clinical network striving to provide good-quality treatment to make ill patients healthier individuals with its unique ideas and innovations. It is a non-profit organization working with the esteemed purpose of making a healthier society. Besides this, PCNOK encourages mutual contracting interests which means purchasing the members’ interests in the organization.

Only 25 employees work in the PCNOK organization, and they work very efficiently to render the best healthcare services to everyone in the organization. Along with the 19 healthcare centers, 77 countries worldwide are using the PCNOK organization’s help. PCNOK collaborates with other healthcare organizations and groups to improve healthcare services and provide the best treatment to every patient.

The organization has more than 500 customers, which include government agencies, private organizations, small businesses, etc. The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is an integrated clinical network of the healthcare system formed to make society a better place.

The Mission of PCNOK

The prominent mission of the Patient Care Network of Oklahoma is to provide high-quality and uncompromised healthcare at affordable cost and to make betterment in leading a healthy life. It covers all clinics, physicians, and hospitals in the state. It offers coordinated patient care by using technical resources. PCNOK has three key goals to provide the best healthcare to its members.

  • Provide the best and high-quality healthcare for people.
  • Use of clinical technology for enhanced healthcare.
  • To encourage smart spending options.

The collaboration makes it possible to improve patient care by sharing successful treatment procedures, participating in research projects, and giving training to the providers. The collaboration among the members of PCNOK also paves to sharing resources and expertise. The teamwork of hospitals and physicians helps in getting better access to care. The collaborations have many advantages, including improving patient response to the treatment, rapid recovery rate, and best use of clinical sources. Members also provide training to new healthcare providers.

The members of the PCNOK organization receive training that ensures every patient on board could receive the same quality treatment from their physician regardless of their place of living in Oklahoma state. The PCNOK utilizes the smart tech healthcare tools like telemedicine, e-prescribing, electronic medical records, remote monitoring, and automated healthcare systems. This wide range of clinical tools helps doctors provide enhanced healthcare to their patients.

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PCNOK Offers The Following Services

PCNOK provides high-quality healthcare services to the patients belonging to its organization. From neonatal care to geriatric and mental care, It covers a range of healthcare services.

Primary Care

Primary care services include prevention and screening of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc., and also diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses.

Specialty Care

Specialized care in various fields such as Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Gastroenterology, Pulmonology, and many more are available in PCNOK.

Chronic Disease Management

The services in this category include managing the symptoms of long-term and recurring chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.

Mental Health Care

Mental health care services can extend to psychiatric conditions, counselling, addiction treatments, and prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of those conditions.

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy services include medication management, prescription refills, emergency care, and minor ailment management.

Advantages And Benefits of PCNOK

Here is how patients can get benefits from PCNOK.

  • The patients can search and choose a healthcare provider across Oklahoma on the PCNOK database. The patients can get the healthcare provider convenient to their location, service type, and specialty.
  • The family members can have access to the health information of patients and other members of the family. Services include test results, medical records, medication records, and more.
  • It provides educational tutorials and resources on healthy living, exercise, and healthy eating.

How To Get A Membership On PCNOK?

Taking a membership on PCNOK is simple and free. You should fill out an application form joining form with the details asked for and provide proof of residency. Then submit the application. PCNOK reviews the application and determines whether you are eligible for membership.

When the verification process is completed, you will get a PCNOK membership card, and you can start using the services of PCNOK. As already said, It provides health care services, advocacy, counselling, tutorials, etc. It also conducts programs on diabetes, obesity, addiction, and mental health.

Members Of PCNOK

All the healthcare providers in Oklahoma who are willing to provide excellent care and treatment to their patients by working collaboratively are eligible to get a membership in PCNOK. The members of PCNOK get training, resources, and help from the association.

Given below is the list of members on PCNOK:

  • Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.
  • Caring Hands Healthcare Centers, Inc
  • Central Oklahoma Family Medical Center
  • Community Health Center of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.
  • Community Health Centers of Oklahoma
  • Community Health Connection, Inc.
  • Center for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)
  • East Central Oklahoma Family Health Center, Inc.
  • Family Health Center of Southern Oklahoma
  • Good Shepherd Community Clinic
  • Great Salt Plains Health Center
  • Kiamichi Family Medical Center
  • Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
  • NorthCare
  • Northeastern Oklahoma Community Health Centers
  • PCHC Panhandle Counseling & Health Center Health Clinic
  • Pushmataha Family Medical Center, Inc
  • Shortgrass Community Health Center
  • South Central Medical and Resource Center
  • Stigler Health and Wellness Center, Inc
  • Variety Health Care

Bottom Line

PCNOK, or Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, is a non-profit organization that provides affordable, high-quality health care services. The health care centers work collaboratively to provide various health services, counselling, medication management, resources, mental health, etc. The annual revenue of PCNOK in 2023 is $1.1 million, which is relatively low. It gets revenue from patient care services, pharmaceuticals, donations, and rentals.

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