Nine Tips For Remote Management Of Your Marketing

Nine Tips For Managing Teams Remotely

Marketing: In addition to tips to facilitate your team management work, which is essential when working from home, you will check out suggestions to share with your team about productivity, health and well-being.

After all, to maintain good performance, even working remotely, it is important not to forget to support the professional, personal and emotional side.

Implement Good Communication And Conflict Management Practices

Unlike working in the office – where everyone sits next to each other, and it is much easier to talk about any subject – it is necessary to have much closer communication with the team so that daily conflicts and problems can be resolved. Quickly during remote management.

Encourage The Exchange Of Information Among The Entire Team

To manage the exchange of information, it is important to give preference to conversations through channels and groups rather than individual messages. Everyone must know about updates and news.

So keep all upcoming actions and sprints open in shared documents or through some tool. In Trello, for example, you can list all the day’s main activities to make it easier to understand what each one is prioritizing at the moment.

Take Advantage Of Digital Resources To Communicate

To keep the entire team aligned and with communication open to everyone, it is possible to use several other digital solutions for video conferences, such as Hangouts or Zoom. This is a way to maintain integration between marketing and sales teams.

Thinking about contacting customers and using these resources also helps share strategies to keep everyone aligned and on the same page about upcoming auctions.

Maintain A Positive Mood Among The Team

We often think that the climate is only important during face-to-face work. But this is also a very important element when working from home.

Indicate The Division Of The Workspace And Respect For Schedules

Thinking about your team’s productivity, given that not everyone can easily adapt to the routine based in the home office, it is important to pass on tips about the workspace and the schedule.

To maintain concentration, defining a physical division of the place for work, even if it’s just the place to put a table and chair, can help keep the focus on activities.

But as the work is done from home and the perception of time is different from when we are working in the company’s office, it is common for your team to have lunch while working or spend those few minutes at the end of the day, which goes against the good production practices.

Use A Team Organization Tool

The structure and organization of the team made in the office environment can also be implemented in managing your remote operation through a digital tool.

At Digital Results, we use the #matrix, an open-source tool developed by the Engineering and Product team that simulates an experience similar to the one we find in the physical office for the virtual environment. 

Set Objective And Clear Goals For The Team

The Sales team works based on the goals they need to achieve. And that’s why, in remote management, this definition needs to be clear and objective so that everyone has confidence in the work they are doing.

Transparency of numbers and deliveries should also be part of this definition. This step can be put into practice through the tools used in everyday life.

Practices That Provide Well-Being In The Home Office

Many people create habits inside the office that are left aside when they are working from home. So, it is part of the remote management process to bring the best wellness practices to your team.

  • Taking breaks: Working from home can give a false feeling that people are already comfortable, and this can cause your team to work several hours in a row without realizing it. Therefore, it is important to adhere to breaks, just as it is done in the office.
  • Set aside time to sunbathe: this is a fundamental tip, as the sun is the factor that helps us to absorb vitamin D. And when working from home, it is rare to remember how important this practice is.
  • Workplace gymnastics: the exercises can be adapted for remote work. In addition to providing a moment of well-being, they also guarantee a moment of relaxation with the team when done together – arranging a schedule and sharing everything during a video conference.

Keep your Marketing And Sales Strategy Integrated Into One Place

We’ve already seen that it’s important to keep all team members on the same page in remote work. But in addition to using a communication tool for this, it is essential to have a system that keeps your business and Sales strategies integrated.

Using software to integrate your strategy into a single dashboard helps keep the entire team aligned and continue to perform well. After all, this way, everyone can have visibility of their goals and what needs to be done to achieve the objectives of each area.

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