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Local SEO: 4 Tips To Apply To Your Business

Local SEO: SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is a set of techniques to improve the ranking of your website in search engines in an organic way.

Within this set of techniques, a specific group for optimizing search engines considers a geographically close area: Local SEO.

The local search considers the user’s geographic location and looks for the best results considering this component. This occurs, for example, if the user puts a specific region to be searched in the search or filters the results using “near me”.

Local SEO becomes especially important to your strategy when you make many customer sales in your store. It is widespread for this type of strategy to be linked to restaurants, but it can be applied to different types of business segments.

Why Invest In Local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategy that allows you to increase your brand’s visibility in a specific region without investing in paid marketing.

This strategy also increases the chance of conversion since your business is among the best available options. In addition to increasing your credibility in the region, your company appears well-positioned. And this is not by chance.

How To Have An Excellent Local SEO?

Local ranking takes into account the proximity of the establishment to the user, the amount and relevance of information made available by your business – such as the amenities you offer, price range, and presence of contact information – and the popularity that this brand has at the moment considering the evaluations received, the number of visitors and the traffic on its website.

Create Your Google My Business Profile

Google’s algorithm considers not only the general location, such as the city, if you search for any “Hotel”, but also fills in as much information as possible to help the user locate it, such as the exact address and the point indicated on Google Maps.

Therefore, the main recommendation is to have a Google My Business registration since your company appears among the main Google results when linked to location and allows your business to be found through Maps.

Google My Business brings together the preliminary information about your establishment in a single place, so it is essential to fill in all the fields in your registration: name, address, category of establishment, hours of operation, telephone number, website, etc. Subsequently, Google will send a letter to the address filled in with a confirmation code for your data. By entering this code, your account will be validated, and your profile will appear in search results and Maps.

Answer The Questions In Your Profile

Even with the specificity of a region at the time of the search, your business will still have a lot of competition in the search engine. Therefore, it is essential to maintain interaction with the other available tools, such as “Questions and Answers”, which allows any user to ask a question about the establishment.

Anyone can answer these questions, but you as a company should be careful to answer them quickly and with as much information as possible, preventing unanswered questions from remaining in your profile.

In addition to bringing more credibility to the user, this increases the likelihood of a good ranking since the questions answered are also considered in Google’s algorithm.

Put Photos And Videos

You can put pictures of your store and your product. This helps visitors understand what to expect if they visit your establishment. This is an excellent way to gain customers and will work as a free storefront. The logic for SEO is the same as for other categories: the more information available to the user, the better your ranking will be.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are not the main component at the time of ranking, but they still influence the position of the search engine. However, this component is also essential to impact the user: if the evaluation is good, it increases the probability of conversion, and the opposite is also valid.

Therefore, it is essential to encourage customers to evaluate Google My Business. Take the opportunity to respond to positive or negative reviews. Take time to understand what your customers have to say about your business.

Create Social Media Accounts 

Create social media for your business and put location information in your posts. In addition to being found by the social network itself, your profile can also be one of the first as a result of the search engine. 

A tip to improve the Local SEO of your social networks is to add the location in your profile description and your posts.

When discussing social networks, the first names remembered are Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But as the focus is on being found through location, consider registering your establishment on TripAdvisor.

Produce Content

The existence of social networks already helps in improving your ranking, but you can boost results by creating content for your audience. 

For those just starting, we have some ideas: you can alternate between posting photos and videos about your establishment, remembering to include the location, answering frequently asked questions, posting customer testimonials, and talking about curiosities about your type of product. Another valuable tool at this time is to create a specific hashtag for your establishment that includes the location and encourage your community to use this hashtag whenever they interact with you.

These are just a few ideas, but no rule defines the type of content that should be produced. Talk to your audience to understand what they want.

Know Which Keywords To Use

Within your description, your content on social networks and your website, you should also think about the best keywords to use linked to your location.

Use tools like Google Word Planner or Uber suggest to find the best combinations of keywords and use them in your description on Google My Business and in the content you produce on other networks.

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