Is The Galaxy M14 Good? Little Personality Defines The Device

Galaxy M14: The Galaxy M line usually covers mid-range devices in different ways. In it, we can find smartphones with more advanced configurations with a good cost-benefit ratio or more basic devices, which may come with some differential.

The recently launched Galaxy M14 fits this question, a simple intermediary with plenty of autonomy. But beyond that, is the Galaxy M14 any good? Is it a standout device among entry-level intermediates that Samsung already owns, or just more of the same? Check out our review below.

Design And Connectivity

Its design is similar to the Galaxy A14, with slightly more matte colors and a not-so-premium look, as the A14 had more similarities with the S23. Its tips are equally rounded, finished in plastic, and with the three camera modules positioned like the A14. The Galaxy M14 can be purchased in navy blue, light blue, and silver. 

The device has relatively thick edges on the front, occupying part of the screen. That may bother some users, in addition to the drop-shaped notch on the front camera, something slightly questionable for a 2023 cell phone. We see the button Power with the digital reader on its right side, next to the volume buttons. On the left side is only the SIM card drawer, with support for a micro SD card. 

In its upper part, only a microphone sensor, and in the lower part, we see the speaker, the USB-C port, a second microphone sensor, and the P2 input for headphones. The Galaxy M14 has 5G, NFC, WiFi 5, and Bluetooth connectivity. Your operating system is android13, with 5 guaranteed updates, along with the One UI 5 interface, with 3 years of updates.

Screen And Audio

Its display is also similar to the Galaxy A14, with a 6.6-inch PLS LCD screen with Full HD + resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate. That is, it is a decent screen, with a good level of colors and contrast, but with a weak brightness. 

And as for the audio, in our analysis of the A14, we talk about a mix of positives and negatives for having Dolby Atmos technology but not having stereo audio. In the case of the M14, he only has the negative part—Mono audio and without any additional technology. 

Performance And Battery

The chip set present in the Galaxy M14 is the Exynos 1330, which is the same present in the 5G version of the Galaxy A14. Both also have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. In terms of performance, it is the same device in common uses and for games since both also have the Mali-G68 MC4 GPU. Still, it performs well and can even be considered above average among more basic intermediaries.

Let’s go to the main highlight of the device, which is its battery. In recent years, the standard of 5,000 mAh has been established, considered the minimum for a good battery in entry-level and top-of-the-line cell phones. However, the new Galaxy M14 and M54 have a 6,000 mAh battery and autonomy for practically two unplugged days. 

As for its charging, despite coming in its box with a 15W charger, the Galaxy M14 has support for fast charging up to 25W. It’s not much, but it holds up to a good level.


From the floor of the carriage, it is expected that the set of cameras of the M14 is basically the same as the A14, and indeed it is. Main lens of 50 MP, another two of 2 MP, and a front of 13. And like its soulmate, it is a set that lacks resources, limited to auto focus, night mode, and portrait mode in the front and rear camera, with the M14 also lacking a wide-angle lens.

The main camera and the device’s screen achieve results with good colors and good contrast for a more basic intermediary, and the auto focus mode does not disappoint. The maximum resolution of videos is 1080p at 30 frames per second. The other two sensors leave a lot to be desired in their results. The 13 MP front camera is also very competent for its level, with a good crop and 1080p videos. 

Is The Galaxy M14 Any Good? 

Finally, if the Galaxy M14 is good, the answer is the same as for the A14. Yes, the Galaxy M14 is good, but with a great deal of support for its price. As mentioned several times, newly launched cell phones are usually expensive. They also remember that the Galaxy M14 and M54 are only sold online.

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