Is an Ultra Laptop Good? Discover The Multilaser Line

Ultra Laptop: Ultra is a brand of notebooks belonging to Multilaser, and its main proposal is to offer devices with a good cost-benefit ratio for the consumer.

With slightly more basic construction and configurations, the brand has options to meet different needs and types of audiences. But is the Ultra Notebook any good? Check out some of the features of the brand’s models to help you decide if it’s worth considering when buying your new notebook.

The Ultra Brand

Ultra is a sub-brand of Multilaser, a company well known for its products aimed at computer peripherals. Computing, tablets, smartphones, home appliances, and many others. The Ultra line is new and even already had some computer models aimed at the corporate market, but in 2021 with the increase in people working and studying at home during the pandemic, Multilaser decided to expand the performance of the Ultra line and also started to offer products for these audiences.

Due to the short time the Ultra Notebook has been on the market, some people may need more time to buy it. The good news is that Multilaser is responsible for the sale and after-sales of the Ultra line. This means that the Ultra Notebook can be easily found on the brand’s website. And if you need to trigger the warranty or have any other problem, contact should also be made with the company. Multilaser has a good reputation for problem-solving. At Reclama Aqua, the brand has a 79.3% resolution rate and 93.9% of complaints answered.

Laptop Multilaser Ultra

Ultra notebook models have a more basic build and come with Windows 10 or 11 and Intel processors. Some models use the Linux operating system, such as the Ultra UB433. They are devices well suited to those looking for a simpler notebook for studying or working, but also those who want to surf the internet or watch movies and series.

But before making your decision, try to stipulate for what purpose the notebook will be used and what your expectations are with the device; after all, we are talking about something other than such cheap equipment to be changed frequently. 

This setting is important to keep an eye on your device’s datasheet. For example, if you need to use heavy software or want to play games, the processor needs to be powerful, with more RAM and a video card, so you can use it without getting angry with constant crashes. If the use is intended for less complex tasks, giving up a lot of power in some components can make your notebook cheaper.

Design And Screen

The design of the Ultra Notebook, as we’ve said before, is quite simple. The construction is all made of plastic and available in silver and black, depending on the chosen model. They have more rounded edges, and their thickness is thin, offering good mobility for those who need to take their notebook to other places. The cap is smooth, with the Ultra logo right in the middle. An interesting detail is the numerical keyboard that shares space with the touchpad.

The edges of the screens are relatively thick and can cause discomfort when viewing some content for certain users. Speaking of the screen, Ultra notebooks have 14.1 or 15.6 inches versions, and all have HD or Full HD resolution. It’s not a spectacular screen, but the image quality is good and stays consistent with the standard of other brands for light and intermediate uses.

Performance And Price

As Ultra notebooks are devices best suited for day-to-day use, such as studying, consuming online videos, and using basic programs, we can already anticipate not expecting too much power from the models. Even though the processors are from Intel, they are from previous generations, and the RAM and internal storage, which can be chosen between HD or SSD, could be better too.

The most basic model of the Ultra line, the Notebook Ultra 300 Series (UB326), has a 120GB SSD and 120GB HDD, only 4GB of RAM, and the chipset is the Intel Pentium N3700. Compared to current models, it is old and needs more performance beyond essential usability. 

The most powerful model is the Notebook Ultra UB532 with 5th generation Intel Core i5, 8GB of RAM, 480GB SSD storage, and an Intel Iris Graphics 6100 video card. However, the performance is nothing surprising, and it can be a good choice for those who want a good and cheap model.

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