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Influencer Marketing: What It Is And How To Manage It

Find out how influencer marketing gains space and trust from professionals in the field. Meet the new profession of Influencer Marketing Manager that is gaining momentum these days. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing, is the method that involves content producers with an engaged audience. The job of these content producers is to influence the audience directly. It aims to apply and create bonds between the brand and its consumers.

Knowing what influencer marketing is and doing it well builds confidence in your customers. Plus, it also helps retain existing loyal customers. Influencer marketing also collaborates in the purchase decision. It assists the public in decision-making for acquiring new products and customers.

The brand must identify the correct influencer to make its partnerships and disclosures. In this way, the public tends to identify itself and, in this way, is influenced more correctly. 

After All, Who Are The “Influencers”?

As the name implies, digital influencers influence people on social networks. These influencers have a high rate of loyal followers who are engaged with the content posted by the influencers.

There are many niches of influencers. Brands use these people precisely in influencer marketing. It has influencers from all segments, such as politics, fashion, aesthetics, humor, entrepreneurship, finance, and music.

There are four types of influencers:

  • Nano: 1,000-10,000 followers
  • Micro: 10,000-100,000 followers 
  • Macro: 100,000-1 million followers
  • Celebrity: 1+ million followers

From Influencer Marketing To Sales 

A company’s goal is to convert its lead into a sale. In influencer marketing, a lot of changes. However, it will be more than just the influencer who will make the sale. The influencer alone cannot sell despite offering the product.

Some questions must be asked so your strategy is well elaborated, as if your influencers match your communication or product. When choosing an influencer, he must agree with the brand’s tone. You need to know what type of content your audience consumes.

Another valuable tip is to choose influencers on the right networks. Your audience will only sometimes be on Instagram. It has influencers on LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks. Working with the right network will help you generate more significant sales. Your audience will be adjusted and much more segmented. 

Another critical issue to consider is not relying solely on the content of the chosen influencer. Your brand must go far beyond influencer advertising. 

One point to be aware of is whether your influencer type conveys truth in their advertisements. Many of them are great at getting the brand message across. However, people already understand what may or may not be advertising. Some may need to understand the advertising sense better and sound a bit fake. 

Another advice to turn influencer marketing into sales is to connect followers with influencers. Your brand must provide coupons and gimmicks for the influencer to gain the public’s sympathy. Having a person who talks about the product, people will want to ask about it. Always be transparent.

Tips For Choosing Digital Influencers

  • Know your audience well.
  • Choose your influencers carefully.
  • There needs to be a connection between the audience and influencers. So choose your segments correctly. The sale depends on this influencer marketing action. 
  • Look for Influencers who post more often. Sporadic posts could be better for the brand. 
  • Define a partnership structure.
  • Look for influencers with a tone of voice related to the brand.
  • Don’t choose just by the number of followers, but by how engaged he is with the public. 

What Is An Influencer Marketing Manager?

An influencer marketing manager, or influencer marketing manager, is the marketing person who manages influencers. Its main goal is to control influencers’ projects.

Many companies hire multiple influencers from various segments or just one. At other times, they hire micro-influencers to reach more select and specific audiences. In this way, it is a challenge to manage all these influencers.

Thus, it introduced this new role of influencer marketing manager in marketing. They link digital influencers, and then they set up strategies.

How The Manager Chooses The Right Influencers

It’s easy to find most influencers. They are in the same demographic with a high volume of followers. Companies that work with influencer marketing will discover influencers in different segments. 

Influencer marketing manager agencies also opt for teams of micro-influencers to better target their audience. So they can also direct to different social networks.  

The influencer marketing manager can choose new or old influencers. It’s up to them to analyze the campaign methods of each influencer marketing action. 

How To Measure Brand Recognition By Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing manager measures brand recognition. They can perform data collection and analyze different metrics.

Offering discount coupons is an example of using promotion data to generate new leads. This is an excellent tool for potential customers to become loyal customers. In addition, you can collect various information from these consumers. 

In each post, there are several different types of metrics to know if it generated sales and engagement.

They determine what the influencer continues to post, what improves and what can make consumers happier. This way, you will have a more engaged audience.

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