How To Improve My Website With Ads And SEO

How To Get More Hits On My Website?

The website of a company, person, or group is one of the main ways of disseminating content and attracting customers. Therefore, having a website that attracts a lot of attention is one of the most important steps to success.

This article will cover how you can improve your site to attract more traffic and customers. A website has 2 main forms of access: ads (paid access) and search (organic access). So, to increase the number of visitors to your website, you need to focus on improving these 2 aspects.

Organic Access:

Organic search is the main way to get hits without spending money. That’s why search engines need to look kindly on your site. This means that you should optimize it to satisfy the ranking parameters and appear in the top positions of the search page. Below are some of the aspects you should focus on to improve your rankings:

Streamline Your Website

Google and other search engines place a high value on sites that stay up to date. So, you should always write articles for your blog on topics of interest to your audience, modify the layout of your pages from time to time, and update the texts on your pages. There are several tools on the internet that help you choose article topics, such as Answer The Public.

Prioritize User Experience

Sites with very long texts, images, titles, and bad writing will be heavily punished in the ranking. So, make your pages user-friendly, with direct and short sentences, descriptive titles, descriptive images, and with “alt text.”

Also, the user experience is improved when your pages take a short time to load. Therefore, avoid using heavy images, long videos, and elaborate effects. Having a short load time is one of the main aspects of ranking.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices

Studies indicate that 60% of Google searches come from cell phones and other mobile devices. That’s why Google gives high marks to sites that adapt their layout and user experience to these devices. To do this, try to write short texts, but the main information is at the top of the site, and adjust the view for small screens.

Put Keywords In Titles And Opening Paragraphs

If you want a page on your site to appear in the top positions of a certain search, it is highly recommended that you use keywords at the beginning of it and in titles. For example, you have an article that talks about making a cake. With that, a common search related to this article is “How to make a cake?”. So, putting this sentence in the initial title and the first paragraph will help Google rank this article for this search better.

Paid Access:

Another way to promote your website is through paid ads, whether on Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms. With that, here are some ways to improve your website through paid advertising:

Publish Optimized Pages

Ads in Google Ads work similarly to organic search: your ad will compete with others for the top positions on the search page. So, to decide which ads will come first, Google uses several metrics, such as ad value paid, page quality, ad’s relationship with search, and many others. That’s why it’s important to make sure your page is well made to get a good score.

Choose Assertive Keywords

For an ad to get a lot of hits, it needs to be advertised to the right searches. If you want to promote a page about a product you sell, such as a jacket, use keywords like “buy a jacket,” “buy a jacket online,” “sites that sell jackets,” and so on. Doing this ensures that your ad will be shown to the right audience, which is good for your ad’s ranking, and avoid spending your money on something that won’t bring in return.

Use Eye-Catching Titles

An ad will be more successful when it can easily convince a person to click on it. Imagine that you are promoting a page that sells shoes. Instead of putting the page’s name as the ad title, you can put “Shoes at a low price” or “5% off for a limited time”. Ads of this type attract much more attention from the reader. Google Ads has several tools to help you build good and accurate ads, such as an optimized keyword generator, title analysis, description analysis, and many others.

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