How To Ensure Brand Loyalty?

Ever wondered why you are loyal to a certain brand? Brand loyalty results from product quality or good service. An interesting solution is investing in Customer Experience to be positively present in the consumer’s mind.

In the past, this was enough, but with the vast number of competitors and the power to search for information given to consumers by social networks, today, people’s interest is not so much in the brand itself but in the experience it provides.

Do you want to clearly understand how to retain your customers through a positive experience? So keep reading this post and check it out!

How Important Is A Good Experience?

All forms of customer interaction with your business — browsing the site, contacting support, etc. — are elements of a  journey that leaves an impression on him. This effect can be positive or negative, depending on how the interaction developed.

This interaction with the company’s various contact points corresponds to the Customer Experience. When browsing your site, for example, the customer expects to find relevant information without difficulty. The design needs to be pleasant so that the experience is good, and he decides to wait to visit a competitor.

Likewise, if the customer needs to contact support to answer questions or solve problems, he expects a quick, personalized service that solves his demand without headaches.

However, in customer service, many companies make mistakes; that is, inadequate service is one of the main reasons for a bad experience and can compromise the company’s image forever in the customer’s mind.

A good experience requires a friendly conversation between the customer and the company. The consumer needs to feel valued and respected and not treated in a generic and standardized way.

This new requirement leads the customer to seek experiences that, in turn, encourage loyalty. This is the result of a good Customer Experience strategy.

How To Encourage Brand Loyalty?

Providing a good experience cannot be achieved through isolated or temporary actions but rather as interactions that the customer develops over time. This means that the pursuit of loyalty must be viewed strategically, that is, as a series of actions that will generate long-term results.

See below some practical tips that can help with loyalty!

Create Loyalty Programs

A simple way to start could be through a loyalty program, where customers are enticed with ever-increasing rewards as they purchase products and services. This is a way not only to encourage engagement but also to measure the level of consumer satisfaction.

Monitor Consumer Behavior

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows you to obtain accurate data regarding consumer experiences. Purchase histories, conversion rates, contacts, and various requests are transformed into strategic information for your business!

Ask Your Customers For Feedback

Here’s a valuable source of ideas for improving the customer experience: the customer! Listening to your consumer — and not just collecting statistical data — is important to help build loyalty, as it is a means of understanding their needs. Market research, obtaining testimonials, and opening channels for criticism and suggestions are good initiatives.

Invest In Customer Service Technologies

Good service requires tools that help in the task of interacting effectively to generate a satisfied customer. Therefore, bet on technologies capable of helping to improve the user experience. Discover some of them below:


It is an automated chat service system allowing customers to interact with artificial intelligence through messages. The system can answer simple questions and give options or suggestions depending on the situation.

Humanized URA

The URA, or Audible Response Unit, is the answering system via telephone. If before the technology was limited to commands with an artificial and impersonal voice, today, the system can simulate a conversation similar to humanitarian assistance, making the experience much more pleasant. This concept is called humanized IVR.


Communication via email is quite efficient, despite the drop in openness motivated by newer communication alternatives, such as social networks. For best results, instead of sending standardized messages, it’s important to personalize them and send them only to those interested in receiving them. So no spam!

SMS (Short Message Service)

SMS strategies are very efficient due to the high opening rate of messages, around 90%, compared to email, which is around 20%. It is an adequate tool to receive quick customer responses since the SMS notification itself already arouses curiosity and the fact that the cell phone warns and is always at hand!

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