How Does Trello Work? Learn How To Organize Projects

Trello is a free, online project management tool . Available for desktop and Android and iPhone ( iOS ) cell phones; the platform is extremely versatile.

It can be used both for tracking personal tasks and organizing projects involving large teams in large companies. With an intuitive interface and features such as checklists, multimedia file uploads and colorful labels, Trello can be a useful ally when planning studies, trips and work activities. Understand below how Trello works and learn how to use the tool to improve your productivity levels.

Trello: What Is It Used For?

Trello is a collaborative tool that organizes projects into boards, where lists of tasks are inserted to be followed individually or as a team. Each list receives cards ( cards ) with descriptions, determined deadlines, and objectives to be completed.

Boards can be shared with anyone with a Trello account, and multiple users can be added to cards. Tagging someone on a card not only means that that team member is responsible for the task at hand but also makes everyone on the board aware of what they are currently working on.

Trello also has a color tag system. In addition to helping categorize activities, the feature facilitates card filtering during searches on the platform. Urgent items can be flagged in red, and ongoing tasks can be flagged in yellow, for example. Altogether there are ten color options, which can acquire different meanings depending on the context of the board.

How To Log In

Creating a Trello account is simple: enter an email and choose a password. The site also offers the option of logging in from a Google account, a procedure that allows you to enter the platform more quickly. Both forms of registration are free.

How To Use

The first step to using Trello is creating a board that will concentrate all the information related to the project in question. In this matter, we will use someone who wants to renovate their kitchen as an example.

Then, the user must add lists, which Trello will arrange in columns, one next to the other. The “Kitchen Renovation” board, for example, can have columns like “Ideas”, “To Do”, “In Progress”, and “Done”.

Within each list, cards need to be added to identify the tasks required for the project. There are no limits to creating cards and clicking on them to edit them. It is recommended to describe the card with explanations of the purpose of the task, stipulate a due date and create colored labels to indicate the category of the card.

Trello is a collaborative tool that allows you to include other people to perform a certain task. Just click the “Members” button and select the desired users whose photos will be inserted into the card. To chat with people involved in the activity, write a comment and type the “@” symbol (without quotes) followed by the name of the user you want to talk to.

Among Trello’s features is also the creation of checklists, which allow you to detail the steps of each task. As they are being fulfilled, mark them as completed and take the opportunity to check the general progress of the activity. Another interesting feature of the platform is the ability to add attachments to the card, such as documents, photos and links.

After completing all tasks on the card, the user can place it on another list to indicate that the objective has been achieved and the work completed. Just press the item and drag it to the column you prefer. It is worth mentioning that when someone moves a card, it immediately moves in the frame on any device. The tab can be open all day, and you don’t need to update the website to follow the progress of tasks through the board.

Trello Gold

Although it is free, Trello offers a subscription plan with premium features. The main differentiator of Trello Gold is that it allows you to upload large attachments, up to 250 MB, against the 10 MB of the free plan. With the paid service, the subscriber has access to three Power-Ups ( plugins that add extra features or optimize existing ones) per frame instead of one and more options for backgrounds and stickers, in addition to the ability to create themselves.

Trello Mobile App

In addition to the Windows and macOS versions, Trello is also available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The application has the same functionalities as the website. It is ideal for following the progress of projects, as it allows you to configure push notifications to receive alerts about news on boards, lists or cards. Another advantage of using the mobile version is that you don’t need to access the Internet for the app to work. Any edits made offline will automatically sync when your connection is back.

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