Company Plan: How To Be Agile And Recover Revenue

Company Plan: Most companies continue to exercise their responsibilities towards employees actively. Organizations are undoubtedly protagonists of the economy and the market in which they operate. The good conduct of business in the face of a crisis is urgent.

However, it is necessary to establish successful planning to overcome challenges with resilience and recover revenues. Otherwise, companies run strategic as well as operational risks. Some examples are:

  • Delays and even interruptions in the supply of raw materials.
  • Cost increase.
  • Decrease in profits.
  • Damage to the health and safety of employees.

That’s why we’ve prepared this article with tips on how your company should plan to be agile and recover revenue. Read and find out!

The Physical And Mental Well-Being Of Employees

How does employees’ physical and mental well-being affect my revenue? And the answer is everything! Do you know why? They are the ones who maintain the functioning of daily activities and the new demands. They also execute the latest strategies and whatever it takes to keep the company in business.

A survey identified that 82% of companies believe flexible working conditions are essential for professionals. This strategy leaves employees feeling safer, closer to their families, and away from Covid-19.

Other measures, such as advance vacations, were used by several companies and in a rotation format among employees. Not to mention remote work during the most critical periods. The home office has stood out in recent months; it is likely to become routine in the post-pandemic.

Constantly monitoring the health of your company’s employees is another crucial factor. But always remember to keep the information obtained confidential.

The company must ensure complete space security if professionals need to return to face-to-face work. Establish personal protection guidelines for your employees. These guidelines must be fact-based to increase safety awareness and risk prevention.

That is, this includes not only but mainly rigorous cleaning and disinfection of environments. It is also essential to establish distancing rules. Manage the use of meeting rooms, shared spaces, and work desks.

With this, employees will feel safer returning to activities. In this return, they will maintain productivity, always focusing on deliveries and results. With this, the path to recover revenues will be traversed more quickly and effectively. 

Agility With Remote Work To Retrieve Recipes

As we mentioned, keeping employees working remotely is a strategic measure, especially in the most critical phases of the pandemic. The manager gains from the team’s well-being and, consequently, from greater productivity.

In addition, in this format, companies can mobilize knowledge instantly. They can organize, for example, the review of some project with ten or even 100 people immediately. With this, you provide everything from your product information to sales and support digitally.

Remote work can recover revenue quickly and significantly. The pace of work follows the speed with which we adapt to our reality. We need to adapt quickly, and the execution of activities needs to follow the same flow.

It is true, for example, that technology has undergone a significant transformation during this pandemic. She quickly moved into various roles such as marketing, customer support, warehousing, etc. The expressive growth in the number of online purchases is proof of this.

Identify, Act, And Develop

In addition to the well-being of employees, which is essential for recovering revenue, we have listed three other fundamental planning tips. It would help if you had a good combination of actions for this, and we separate the best ones in this post. Check out!


Once you keep your employees safe, you start identifying and prioritizing demands. This is the role that leaders must fulfill with their subordinates. Do surveys, and assess the needs and also the behavior of customers. How, when, and where are they looking for services and products?

Together with the CEOs, the leaders will create the necessary strategies to recover revenues. For example:

  • Brand repositioning.
  • Fusions and acquisitions.
  • Ecosystem networking.
  • Replanning of claims.
  • Expand distribution and sales channels.

Remember: the pandemic brought consumers much more connected and in search of information. This is your time to find it.


Now that you’ve identified and mapped needs and behaviors, it’s time to take action to recover revenue. A good start is to redeploy resources decisively and quickly.

Launching initiatives must be expanded on sales and the product or service itself. The main benefit of companies is being able to do things that were not even thought of before. Or that it would take a long time because of the bureaucratic steps, but now they happen in short periods.

It is essential that, in the first steps, you are armed with data to know exactly the path to follow. With this, the priority focus of companies begins to be the search for constant and tireless improvement. Company, employees, and customers – everyone benefits from this.

To Develop

Teams are starting to become more and more agile in recovering revenue. Efficiently execute the priorities listed as most urgent. With this, the company develops teams capable of making their own decisions.

But for that, companies must offer key performance indicators (KPIs) that are completely clear. Here there can be no doubts.

To ensure effectiveness, a good growth plan is needed. It must be developed by a team that knows exactly what the customer wants. Professionals need to be well-informed: thus, knowledge of the market and behavior is expanded, generating excellent revenue.

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