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Artificial Intelligence For WhatsApp: How To Apply It?

Artificial Intelligence for WhatsApp: The new digital tools are dominating the most diverse areas of activity. In this way, we change how we relate to the world, with people, and, of course, with the technologies themselves.

With some automation processes, companies gain speed, reduce costs and improve procedures. So, find out what Artificial Intelligence (AI) is for WhatsApp and how to use it.

What Is Artificial Intelligence For WhatsApp?

In a very simple way, artificial intelligence is intelligence developed for robots in a way very similar to that of humans. Thus, with each new stimulus or contact made, the computer can improve.

Most likely, you have come into contact with an AI during your lifetime. After all, they are present in practically all sectors. Whether in contact with telemarketing, some streaming application, or a simple WhatsApp message exchange.

Furthermore, there is a high possibility that you did not even realize that an AI served you. As we said, the WhatsApp robot adapts very well to each new contact, not to mention that, depending on the configuration, they manage to carry out an excellent conversation as if they were a person.

What Are The Benefits Of AI For WhatsApp?

The use of artificial intelligence in your daily life brings several advantages. With this simple process, it is possible to have more speed, organization and even capture more leads. Check out some of these benefits now.

Save More Time With Artificial Intelligence For WhatsApp

Using a chatbot with AI brings agility and makes contacts much more optimized. That way, you and your customers will save more time. Since the consumer will not have to wait for a service, and your team will only contact you when it is something very complex, being able to carry out more strategic demands.

Cost Reduction

Imagine how many people should be hired to serve all customers full-time. Many, isn’t it? With bots, contact takes place 24 hours a day, seven days a week, always with speed and quality. That way, everyone will be well served, and you will still have a leaner team but with much more experienced professionals and optimized day-to-day.

Increased Team Productivity

Since bots will solve the simplest problems, your team won’t waste time responding to them. This way, they can work more strategically, creating a plan to improve the service further. And, when needed, they work with customers.

Customer Data Collection

Having customer data is very important for any company. Therefore, you can obtain this information using artificial intelligence, turning these people into leads. In addition, with this database, it will be much easier to set up planning with your marketing and sales team and make the next decisions.

How To Apply Artificial Intelligence In WhatsApp?

AI will certainly bring many benefits to your company’s work. For this reason, using this resource in your daily life is essential, especially with a WhatsApp chatbot. More generally, there are several applications; check out some of them.

  • Communication with customers: either for a SAC or for a simpler question, such as address, opening hours, among others. In addition, using SAC, you can make a filter with customers so that the service is accurate;
  • Reminders: You can remind customers about payment day, updates on some service or maintenance, etc. It is enough to make the correct configuration, and it will be possible to trigger the message automatically without having to worry about it later;
  • Internal communication: it is also possible to send messages to your employees. After all, it would help if you communicated with all of them. Schedules, holidays, birthdays, events, everything can be communicated through AI for WhatsApp.

With all these tips and benefits, the time has come to have artificial intelligence for WhatsApp in your business.

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