Advantages Of Using The Gantt Chart

The Gantt Chart is a powerful project management tool because, with it, control is done through a single resource. That is: it’s the end of confusion when managing teams.

This is what happens, for example, in companies where communication and workflow take place via email, WhatsApp, and other dispersed platforms.

Therefore, the first significant advantage of the Gantt Chart is to condense a series of assignments into just one software/platform. In this way, another advantage is added: the better distribution of functions and activities.

This is a welcome benefit for managers who work remotely with many people and must closely monitor deadlines and performance.

Last but not least: with the Gantt Chart, the most valuable asset of all, time, is managed much more intelligently.

Gantt Chart In Improvement Project Management

What we saw in the previous topic are reasons that make this an excellent solution for companies looking to implement improvements in processes, products, or services.

After all, when you want to improve, it is sometimes unclear where to start and when to end. With the Gantt Chart, everything changes.

The big challenge in improvement projects (among so many) is coordinating activities of different natures, some of which have never been related before.

Establishing links between tasks makes it easier to know who depends on whom to start and who to communicate with when necessary.

Usage Examples

Work is an excellent example of a practical application of the Gantt Chart. After all, concreting can only begin with the purchasing sector having guaranteed acquiring materials such as cement, shovels, hoes, and other tools and inputs.

Therefore, the management of work has in the graph an excellent tool to ensure that the various stages will start within the stipulated schedule.

Delays in work are fatal, as they compromise the credibility of the company carrying out the work and generate losses for builders and developers.

Another sector where the Gantt Chart is used a lot in IT. This is because developing software is a process in which multiple functions and activities are coordinated.

Designers, systems engineers, copywriters, and other specialists must work together to ensure a product is delivered on time. This is easier to manage and control when using the Gantt Chart as a project management tool.

How To Use Gantt Theories In Your Projects

Gantt was a tireless researcher and a keen interest in human relationships in the workplace. In this regard, one of his most significant contributions was the piecework wage and bonus system, introduced in 1901 as a variation on an older system created by Taylor. 

With the Gantt system, the employee received a bonus in addition to his average daily rate if he performed the day’s task, even if it was not completed.

It may even seem counterintuitive, but the truth is that, with this system, workers could support themselves with their work alone.

The result of this is that they became interested in producing even more, which increased productivity.

Thus, Gantt proved that concern for the well-being of employees was one of the most critical factors in management, diverging from his mentor Taylor on issues involving wages and rewards.

Although it can be used daily, it is in project management that the Gantt Chart proves to be even more effective. Let’s say, for example, that an industry intends to insert a new machine in its assembly lines.

It will need to coordinate a series of efforts, such as training the workforce, carrying out infrastructure works, and redefining the production process.

In this way, the Gantt Chart is the ideal tool to link all these steps together, ensuring compliance with deadlines and respect for the budget.


Tools such as the Gantt Chart are fundamental but only practical if professionals have the necessary skills to operate them. The Gantt Chart is a versatile solution applicable to varied contexts and projects.

Companies or professionals with difficulties in organizing their deadlines and budgets will have most of their problems solved by applying this tool. Based on this reading, we hope that your projects will be carried out with much more security and predictability.

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