WPC2029 Live – Login And Register Guide

WPC2029 is one of the best online portal platforms for cock fighting games. WPC2029 offers good contests and online games for netizens. The WPC2029 website conducts several cockfighting games daily, and interested netizens participate in those games. People get a notification when they register with the website. They cast bets over the cocks fighting in the field. Anyone who has completed the registration can enjoy live cock-fighting games.

The Philippines government has initiated the conduct of traditional cock fighting games online. People obsessed with online cock fighting games spend lots of time on this website to refresh their minds. We seldom come across online cock fighting portals like WPC2029. The idea with which the website runs keeps it apart from the others. Hence this website comes under a unique category.

People love different cultures and different games. People love online games on mobile, and sports like wrestling significantly impact the male fraternity. Rummy has a universal appeal and is followed by millions of people. Each sporting event, such as horse racing, wrestling, and many other games, has individual websites which entertain people with various games, multi-table games, spinning wheels, etc.

Here we shall see in detail about WPC2029 along with the registration process.

About WPC2029

The World Pitmaster Cup is the complete form of WPC. One would be surprised to hear a website is created for cock fighting. The name of the website is WPC2029. This website is an online platform for cock fighting live, which originated in the Philippines. Audiences get to see many tournaments of live cock fighting games at WPC2029 live.com. People can enjoy the game and participate in live betting. If luck favors them, users can win large amounts of money. The website offers you cash back and bonus points. Cash prizes etc. Cock fighting is familiar to everyone, especially in the Philippines. People love the online cock fighting game very much.

Many people can participate in one single game, and millions of people can play and bet on their favorite cock online. The entry fee on the website is very affordable, starting from 20$.

People love this website because this is a gaming platform that lets its users earn money online.

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How To Register For WPC2029 live?

  • To register on WPC2029 live, first, we must search the keyword on any search engine with the keywords like the WPC2026live dashboard or WPC2029 live dashboard.
  • Enter https://wpc2026.live/ or https://WPC2029.live/.
  • Or click on the above links.
  • After opening the links, you will get live login to WPC2029 live.
  • Our article will give you a complete demo of registering for WPC2029 live.
  • Click on the registration once you enter the website.
  • Before registering, you must follow the agreements and tick the columns.
  • For the registration, you need valid email, debit/credit cards, and any UPI id for entry fees.
  • Create a username by entering an email; a unique username is handy here.
  • Once after providing all the credentials like Age, email, and DOB, a verification email is sent to your email.
  • From there, you can verify, redirect to the website, and add a cash card to fill entry fees.
  • It will ask you to enter your full name, first name, last name, etc.
  • Enter the correct details. Fake details will be rejected. A proper email address is essential.
  • Remember to use a different password.
  • We can connect our Facebook account to this website.
  • You should fill in the local mobile number. (must be the Philippines)
  • After filling in all the details, you will be successfully registered on WPC2029 live and can start participating in various games and bets.

What If We Forgot The Password of The Website?

Most people usually forget their login IDs and passwords. No one is an exception. If you forgot your password, then you need not worry. We can help you recover or reset your password. Follow the simple steps.

  • Click on the forgot password option on the main page of the website.
  • Enter your email or mobile number in the spaces available.
  • The code will be sent to the registered email address or mobile.
  • Enter the code in the given code box.
  • And reset the password with eight words.
  • Make sure that the password is strong.

Is There Any Mobile App For The WPC2029 Website?

No, it is the only drawback of this website. It doesn’t have any mobile application to its name. But we need a mobile phone if we have many sites that will deal with it easily.

Many websites feature cock fighting and live competitions.

Official websites are working fine, and most people log in every day. Somewhere in the future, the admins are likely to create an app.

I hope it will be available in the Philippines and worldwide.

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Is It Safe To Register on WPC2029 live?

Yes, it is safe in its origin country, the Philippines. However, it has been termed illegal in the rest of the world. We can enjoy cock fighting tournaments legally, but betting is unlawful in many countries.

This website has been banned in many countries where betting is prohibited and treated as a crime, apart from the Philippines.

Can We Make Money From This Website, WPC2029?

We can earn money in these tournaments by betting on our favorite cock. Most people lose money from this website. Those who are lucky will win.

Cock fight has been played by two cocks, so win or lose is the option there is no third one here. Either we can win or lose on this website.

We must choose the winning and most reputational cock to bet on. It is not a cakewalk to decide who will win the fight. So lucky ones will win the race and win some money.

So, to get a better idea and jump to a conclusion, it is better we watch the roosters’ last matches, judge his caliber, and go for it.

Few people make this an addiction and lose all the money and assets on this website.

Advantages of The wpc2009 Website

  • It is an entertaining and most loved game of villages, especially by males
  • Cockfight is a cultural and traditional game in the Philippines. WPC2029 is available in certain parts of the world.
  • Registering is easy, and instant discounts are added to your account.
  • The site is accessible online for players and participating members to check out.
  • Easy cash backs and win money in tournaments by picking beating cock.
  • Government supports this website, so it is OK to participate in this cockfighting website.


  • It becomes an addiction, and users get addicted to betting, which is unsafe.
  • We can lose money.
  • Not available in other countries.
  • Other than the Philippines, none can register on this website.

Does Any Other Country Have Such a Website As WPC2029?

No, there is no official website like WPC2029 in the rest of the world.


WPC2029 live is an online portal for cockfighting and some other physical games. But the highlighted one is cockfighting on this website. Users join this website, register, and play the game. Some watch for entertainment and rest to bet. We request our users not to get addicted to such games where they lose lots of money and assets, which is unsafe.

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