Why You Should Build A Custom Or Dedicated App

You give your brand greater visibility and make yourself useful to the user through an app, offering immediate and relevant information to their search intent.

Not only do you simplify the user’s browsing experience, but you increase the perceived value of your business. Consequently, this allows you to attract customers and keep them over time.

Apps are therefore the perfect tools for:

  • Manage your business;
  • Retain customers or acquire new ones;
  • Improve your online reputation;
  • Reduce costs;
  • Increase your turnover.

And above all, entrusting the creation of a customized app to a specialized agency allows you to create something of your own. A virtual environment in which customers can move, interact and buy just like a physical space. 

What Are The Stages Of Making The App?

When a client asks us to develop a mobile app, we always start with drafting a suitable design plan. Behind the decision to develop a business app with required technology, there may be different motivations and objectives: to sell products or services online, entertain, inform, write and share content, etc.  Our approach aims to achieve established goals and meet customer expectations.

Here are the 5 phases in which the creation of an application is divided. 

Definition Of The Idea

The first step we take to develop an app is defining the idea of establishing its general structure based on its intended use and field of action. This step is critical to creating precisely the application your business wants. We need to know if you’re going to create an app with augmented reality, e-commerce, a video game, etc. When the idea is clear in your mind and ours, we can proceed with the following steps and create the application.


Closely connected to this first phase is the second, which is the analysis. What do we mean by analysis? Identifying different but all-important fields to put a successful product on the market, ready to stand out amid the ocean of applications already present.

During this phase, we focus on the analysis of:

  • Target (people to whom the application is intended);
  • Competitor (competitors already present on the market);
  • Initial investment budget

Choice Of Platform

After the analysis phase, we proceed with choosing the platform on which the app will be developed and distributed, using a real positioning strategy. The choice of the platform is strictly related to the initial idea that we will have outlined to return you a fully functional product and in line with your expectations. We deal with iOS app development, Android app development, or multi-channel applications. 

Design And Development

Design and development are the other two parameters we consider and are part of the fourth phase of building your app. Developing attractive templates suitable for your reference sector facilitates the user’s browsing experience, making your application pleasant both from a graphic and content point of view. Specifically, we make sure that they are easy to access, clear and concise, attract users’ attention, and help retain them as much as possible.

Maintenance, Updating, And Monitoring 

The last stage of our app development activity is maintenance and updating. On the one hand, the app stores periodically request updates, and on the other, users always expect new resources. For this reason, we monitor the app and update it if necessary both from the point of view of development and programming and from the point of view of contents, adding new ones and customizing the app with advanced features.

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