Why Data Intelligence Is Critical To Your Business

Data Intelligence: Data-driven companies are becoming increasingly common in the market. Using digital information to guide efforts is a very beneficial practice for enterprises, making it possible to reduce errors and increase the efficiency of processes.

In addition, it is possible to optimize marketing strategies, strengthening the reach and success of your campaigns. Therefore, making decisions based on data intelligence has become the best alternative for enterprises.

This practice brings significant benefits to companies that bet on data-driven. Thus, it is possible to develop solutions focusing on the public’s expectations and find efficient ways to enhance their results. Interested in how data intelligence can help your business? Keep following and check out more about it!

What Is Data Intelligence?

When we talk about data intelligence, we refer to the process used to organize information—structured or not—and integrate it into systems for analysis and interpretation. Many managers see this practice as a strategic way to boost company results.

Thus, it is used to qualify the data and considerably optimize the analytical capacity, favoring decision making, the development of solutions, and planning marketing strategies. In addition, data intelligence also strengthens the routine within the company, encouraging teams to have more critical attitudes and perceptions about the market.

What Are Your Benefits?

Check out the benefits of data intelligence for companies now!

Assistance In Decision Making

Making decisions based on relevant and reliable information is essential to achieving more expressive results. Therefore, developing the data intelligence process becomes a reference for those who want success.

It is also possible to have a complete view of the scenario experienced by the company in the market, making it possible to carry out a strategic alignment with a focus on results. In this way, the most profitable paths and the best results indicated by the data will be considered to have more guarantees about your efforts.

More Competitive Advantage

Using digital information within a company brings significant benefits to the enterprise. Identifying market trends and developing innovative solutions that provide a differentiated experience are ways that data intelligence can be used to boost your business. Thus, you will have efficient ways to increase the prominence and relevance of your brand in an increasingly competitive scenario.

Brings Innovation To The Company

When the behavior of the modern consumer has a considerable weight in the deciding factor, it is necessary to identify ways to highlight your enterprise. Therefore, collecting and interpreting relevant and reliable data makes it possible to monitor changes in public expectations and needs and how trends influence these aspects.

By identifying opportunities for innovation, you will be able to more quickly develop your solutions focused on aspects that are beneficial to the enterprise. By making an innovative product or service available on the market, capable of adding value to your audience’s experience, data intelligence becomes critical to increasing the company’s profitability and results.

Searching Large Datasets

If you’re having trouble finding your company’s data, Workspace comes with the perfect solution with Sheets’ Query function. This is a structured Query Language (SQL)-like database search capability critical for organizations producing a large volume of information.

Collaborative Work

Query results can be used in other Workspace applications and are updated in real-time across all platforms. This is advantageous because it allows multiple contributors to work on multiple file formats without wasting time copying information from one place to another.

Right Decisions

Data analysis is essential for decision-making in an organization, as it allows understanding of what the company needs to improve its results. With automatic data updates, Query ensures that your strategies are always in line with the reality of your business.

Data Security

Files manually transferred from one device to another can be more easily corrupted or fall into the hands of malicious people. Query’s auto-sync avoids this issue by keeping your data safe in digital environments only accessible by users and devices authorized by the Workspace account administrator.

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