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What Is Robotics? Trends, Importance And Areas Of Activity

The word robotics immediately makes us think of robots. And the concept is right there. Robotics is the science responsible for machines, computers, software and systems, with mechanical and automatic control. 

The term was created by the writer Isaac Asimov in his book “I, Robot”, published in 1950. However, the word robot was already an old acquaintance.  Czech Karel Capek first used it in his play RUR, which premiered in 1921 and depicted artificial humans. 

Historical Evolution Of Robotics

You already know, therefore, when the names originated. But, since then, what has changed? What was the historical evolution of robotics?  The first mechanical robot appeared in 1924, and it used the telephone system. He could turn on and off the equipment that was connected to him. Years later, precisely in 1937, a new robot, called Elektra, was created and gained a lot of evidence.

Like the first, he was also teleoperated. However, it performed additional functions such as walking and moving the head. In 1954, the first automatic robot was developed. The bases used to create it formed the Unmated, the first robot for industrial use, which worked on the General Motors production line in 1961. Five years later, Eliza was born the first Artificial Intelligence program.

In the following years, discoveries were made, and, currently, a series of robots with different functionalities are available on the market. 

How Important Is Robotics In Development?

Robotics has been widely used in educational settings. The subject even became a school subject for children. In addition to developing knowledge and skills related to technology and science, robotics contributes to learning in other aspects. Logical reasoning is one of them. After all, the little ones are encouraged to analyze and solve problems.

As a result, creativity is also enhanced.  When robotics is worked in the classroom and in groups, it inspires teamwork.  Focus, persistence and resilience are still other skills developed.

What Is The Purpose Of Robotics? What Is It For?

Are you one of those people who fear robots and believe they will rule the world? Or are you part of the group of individuals who find the idea of ​​having machines that make everyday life easier? Well, whatever your side of the story, the truth is that robotics is intended to take on tasks that humans perform. In this way, technology can bring more convenience and exclude human action in certain activities. In the following topic, you will understand a little more about how this works in practice.

What Are The Trends In This Area?

Robotics has already been used in different fields, and the expectation is that its use will be expanded. Check out the main trends:


Robotics has been applied in industries for a long time, and this should be more and more frequent. After all, activities are very repetitive in manufacturing environments, especially in production lines.

When human beings perform these tasks, there is a high chance of physical wear and tear, accidents and failures. Machines, in turn, can perform operations faster and more efficiently. 


Have you heard of robotic surgery? It is a surgical procedure performed by robots. In this way, it can be conducted by a medical team at a distance. The great advantage of this technique is that the risk of error is zero since the machine is programmed to perform the surgery with precision.


The health area has taken advantage of the benefits of robotics. In physical therapy, technology is used to assist in treating various diseases and the rehabilitation of patients. An example of this is the robotic suit, which helps people with limited mobility to walk and even run.

Space Technology

The distinctive features of the extraterrestrial environment do not allow humans to go exploring without any equipment. For this reason, machines are fundamental to the study of planets and other areas of the Universe. Several robots have already left the earth’s surface to investigate other places.

Auto Industry

We talked a few topics ago about robotics in industries. But it is worth highlighting the automobile sector, which has invested heavily in technology. If robots were used only to improve production processes, today they take on other functions and are already working in field and laboratory tests.

Home Automation

Turning off and on the light bulbs in your house using your cell phone are simple possibilities of robotics when it comes to home automation. Technology enables several tasks, such as controlling equipment and systems within the home.

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