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What Are The Leading Marketing Automation Tools?

All the customization and marketing automation tools of your strategy depends on adopting the right tool. It should be chosen based on your goals. After all, there are different possibilities, each of which has specific functions.

This analysis will make it easier to implement the actions described above. So how about seeing the top marketing automation tools to choose the best one? Check out!

Hub Spot

A reference in the field of inbound marketing, Hub spot’s tool is one of the most complete. That’s because it allows you to send emails, create nurturing flows, and Score leads. Also, send internal notifications and create a specific page for each visitor (according to the segmentation done).

The purpose is to ensure that the lead walks through the sales funnel and reaches the decision stage naturally. For this, the software favors the identification of the effectiveness of the emails, what must be changed, and if they are reaching the objectives outlined.

In addition to marketing automation, the tool also has sales and CRM services. Therefore, it is worth knowing and hiring.

RD Station

Another reference — is RD Station Marketing. The Digital Results tool is one of the best known and most complete. An advantage is conducting a comprehensive analysis of leads according to their profile and interest.

In addition, the software favors creating content according to the sales funnel stage in which the potential customer is. 

Other features are the management of: 

  • social media;
  • landing pages ;
  • blogs;
  • SEO for blogs and other pages.

Lead Lovers

The name refers to the excellent relationship between brands and leads. It is ideal for digital entrepreneurs who want to increase their internet sales, especially if you are an affiliate or content creator. 

Among the existing features are: 

  • unlimited domain hosting;
  • creating custom pages;
  • insertion of an online course in the Members Area.

An important detail is that the Lead lovers tool integrates the leading affiliate platforms on the market with payment systems. For example, you can become a Hot mart affiliate and manage Pag Seguro and PayPal payments without leaving the marketing automation software. Therefore, it is ideal for affiliates.

Active Campaign

This is the right tool for those who want ease. All processes are presented in a very intuitive way. Also, its main feature is access to where the lead was when receiving the email. As unnecessary as it may seem, this information is essential to define the path to follow.

Active Campaign still has other features:

  • analysis of user behavior on the internet;
  • Identify interactions related to your website, blog, or social networks. 

All this data is presented in real-time.


Lesser known, Sendinblue is a good marketing automation tool. So much so that it is widely used in Europe. It is straightforward to tinker with the software, even if you are a beginner.

One benefit is being able to create several different, beautiful emails. You can even create workflows, send transactional emails, and segment users. In addition, the tool works with artificial intelligence algorithms. They identify the best time to trigger messages. Thus, it is possible to ensure maximum delivery capacity.

In some versions, there is also report generation. In the most basic, there may be a limitation of automation flows. Therefore, it is necessary to check your plan, as the more advanced ones offer other features, such as: 

  • CRM;
  • creation of landing pages ;
  • live chat;
  • Facebook ad integration.


Well-known for sending email marketing, the Mailchimp tool also has some automation features. For example: 

  • qualification and nurturing of leads ;
  • strategies for retaining customers who abandon carts when shopping online;
  • shipping schedule;
  • monitoring of specific campaigns accessed by the potential customer on your website.

Despite this, the significant advantage is that it is free. In turn, it’s not the best marketing automation tool if you want something more specialized. So, it’s a good start, but you have to evolve later.


Focus on lead engagement. Hence, it simplifies marketing activities through various functionalities. For example, landing page creation, website integration, and email marketing automation. The tool still has: 

  • Integrated CRM;
  • integration with sales tools;
  • measurement of the Return on Investment (ROI) of the campaigns created.


Aimed at small businesses, this tool simplifies the search for contacts. However, it has other features. Among them are: 

  • sending personalized emails;
  • shooting;
  • monitoring of consumer behavior;
  • creation of landing pages ;
  • possibility to adjust the campaign as needed.

In any case, it is important to highlight that marketing automation tools are essential to growing your business. After all, this is how the team focuses on strategic activities and is more likely to reach the lead at the right time.

Thus, it is possible to show what your company does, how it is, and how it can solve the problem of this potential customer. This helps bring reliability, increases the reputation of your business, and allows you to attract and retain customers. That is, there is an increase in your company’s competitive advantage.

Now, you know what to do to put marketing automation into practice. It’s time to think about this possibility and follow all the steps presented. Thus, it can expand its operations to the international market and close sales abroad.

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