What Are The Advantages Of The Python Programming Language?

The first version of Python, released in 1991, was 0.9.0. It already had many features, such as classes with inheritance, exception handling, and functions.

In 1994, version 1.0 appeared, having implemented new functionalities, such as tools for functional programming. Some time after version 1.2 was released, 1.4 was released in 1995, incorporating named parameters and native support for complex numbers.

How Important Is Learning Python?

Every developer who wants to stay active in the market and get good placements or provide home office services for important international companies needs to learn Python. 

This is because, as seen so far, it has become popular among developers and large companies such as Google, Instagram, Amazon, Mozilla, NASA, IBM, the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Pixar, Spotify and YouTube.

It is worth mentioning that having your domain is no longer a differential but an important requirement in ​​Information Technology (IT).

Therefore, it is essential to know how to operate it and always be up to date with its changes, being aware of the old versions that are still used in some places but also knowing everything about the interface of the latest version, 3.9.

You’ve probably already noticed that Python has numerous advantages for the programming world, right? However, to better visualize all these benefits, we have listed them below.

General-Purpose Language

One of the main advantages of Python is that it is a universal language which offers solutions for the most varied demands, whether on mobile devices, desktops or the Web. Some of them you’ve ever seen in this article.

Cross-Platform Tool

Python is a language that can be applied to Windows, Macintosh and Linux. This not only increases its versatility but also contributes to its being exploited by the most diverse systems.

Accessible And Simple Language

As the amount of code to run the language is less than that of competitors, it becomes easier and more accessible to operate Python. Therefore, the developer who does not yet know how to use it does not need to worry because he will be able to absorb the commands in a short time.

Projects Developed With Agility

As the codes are simple, clean and smaller, the projects can be developed by professionals with more speed, practicality and agility.

Communication With Other Languages

Python can communicate with applications developed in other languages, such as Java and C. This means that its use does not bring incompatibilities, contributing to the execution of various projects.


Because its source code is open, Python allows its writing to be collaborative. Thus, it is possible to improve its versions constantly through the cooperation of the active community, which has many users.

A Large Number Of Libraries

Due to its vast community, Python has many accessible libraries, mainly in the area of ​​Data Science. This, of course, contributes considerably to the work of developers.

Multiple Version Support

As we mentioned, the Python Software Foundation continues to support some older versions of this programming language. In this sense, even developers and companies that have not yet been able to update theirs can continue to count on the specialized help of support. 

Why Is Python Increasingly Popular?

Although it has been around for 20 years, Python has recently become more popular. This is explained, firstly, because of the advantages presented above, such as the vast amount of libraries, their simplicity, versatility and readability, and having a general-purpose.

This means that developers and companies feel more comfortable working with a resource that can be used in different demands, that is accessible, and that has other tools to improve their work.


As we have seen in this content, Python is a simple and accessible programming language that has become considerably popular in the Information Technology world. It is already the third place among the most popular and could become the first very soon.  

Thus, due to all the issues mentioned here, large international companies have adhered to this language as a solution to their great and varied demands.

Therefore, knowing and mastering the Python language is essential for any developer and programmer who intends to work in their area since learning how to operate it is a basic requirement.

Consequently, knowing how to implement this language in the systems and constantly learning makes it possible for the professional to conquer great opportunities in international and renowned companies.

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