Social Media Marketing: Opportunities And Risks

Through social media, companies can reduce the distance to their customers. They can receive information from their customers and use it, for example, to improve products and services and to be able to predict what customers’ needs will be in the future. In addition, companies gain additional platforms through social networks to strengthen brand awareness and their image.

Despite the opportunities that arise from its use, some companies reject social networks. They tend to be more reserved when using social networks. This is partly because companies often do not know the right social network for their presence.

Also, many companies are often not clear how to behave in social networks in the event of customer criticism. You can read more opportunities and risks in the article “ Social Media: Opportunities, Risks and Areas of Application” . This requires good, precise knowledge of one’s target group and the expectations of the desired customers. With the help of a strategy, the definition of personas and goals, this is sure to succeed.

Social Media Networks

Posting customer-centric content on the chosen social media channels is crucial in social media marketing with a security exploit. But companies do not have to use every network, but should focus on relevant channels. Here it is important to focus on the target group and your benefit. After all, people in your target group should become your followers.

However, WhatsApp is way ahead with 2 million users in terms of messengers. Texts, images, videos, GIFs, stickers and contact details are sent via this. In the meantime, it is even possible to make (video) calls. WhatsApp offers an additional opportunity to address a large customer group for companies. Due to the wide distribution and the mainly mobile use, the service is ideal for distributing contributions quickly to as many users as possible. Chatbots can also be used here, which simplify customer communication and require fewer human resources.

The platforms tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat are very interesting, especially when companies want to keep up with the times in social media communication and focus on younger generations. Snapchat sends over 500,000 snaps every minute.

Instagram can boast more than 1 billion monthly users and more than 100 million published photos per day. 53% of Instagram users are between 18 and 29 years old. 25 percent are between 30 and 49 years old, and 11 percent of the users are 50 to 64 years old.

Content Marketing In Social Media Communication

For marketers, topics such as time, topicality, resources, relevance and competence will be of great importance in the future. Content must already be of high quality and relevant to achieve viral success. Let’s look at newer platforms and functions, such as Snapchat or Instagram Stories, where content is deleted again after a few minutes or for a limited time. Time and fast reactions are becoming increasingly important.

Content must therefore be well and strategically planned and allow for spontaneity. Because content is becoming even faster, more emotional and closer to the customer. Personalized content has therefore been a big trend since 2021. Cross-media campaigns are also helpful. 

Overall, social media marketing and content marketing lives from interactions. You will only get likes and new followers for your profile if you exchange ideas with your potential customers, enter into dialogue and thus offer them an experience and added value. Therefore, you should communicate with your customers and prospects. It also helps you learn what content to consider on your social media channels. Learn from your followers and post what your prospects and customers like.

You can also increase your traffic and reach by using ads. Paid ads can also be part of your content marketing strategy and displayed on social media. Ads must also be strategic to generate positive reactions and achieve your goals.

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