Power Of Business-Oriented Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: What companies have learned in recent decades is that there is no more ample room for decisions based on guesswork or just the manager’s feeling.

No matter how experienced and qualified a professional is, it is necessary to have more predictability about each action taken. This means acting strategically — and for that, nothing better than Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. The role of AI is precisely to cross data, identify relationships and generate insights at a level that would be practically impossible for the human brain.

The most exciting thing is that they work integrated with other technologies. An excellent example of this is the IoT, which allows devices and machines to exchange data and communicate over wireless networks. In industry, IoT equipment captures real-time data on the production line. A conveyor shaft, for example, sends information on speed, temperature, vibration, humidity, etc., to Big Data software.

Artificial Intelligence can analyze these indicators and notify maintenance, informing them if an anomaly has occurred. Thus, the team enters the scene even before the failure occurs, avoiding production interruption and reducing costs.

The same logic can be applied to the most varied market sectors. Marketing, for example, gets to know its customers better and better by collecting data on social networks, on the company’s website, and even in applications developed for consumer engagement. The impacts are so many that the benefits increasingly depend on the company’s creativity in using these technologies.

Check Out The Differentials That These Technologies Generate For Your Business

The first highlight is the possibility of innovating more and more. With technological solutions such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, all departments now have strategic information to be more efficient in their daily lives. Thus, the following steps can already be planned.

How about implementing IoT, a Business Intelligence (BI) system, or virtual robots to talk to the consumer? This is the opportunity to drive digital transformation in your company.

A Better Understanding Of Your Target Audience

With the data collected over the internet, it is possible to draw a more detailed profile of your customers. This helps develop personalized marketing strategies, improve customer service and even create campaigns to win new customers.

Price Optimization

Your products and services can be priced more efficiently as technology helps you understand how this impacts sales. If a specific niche of consumers is more likely to buy through a one-off promotion, you can create personalized loyalty offers.

These are differences that go much further. Each market niche has its particularities — and one of the main advantages of these technologies is that they can be used in very different ways to meet the demands of each company.

Now that you know how Artificial Intelligence and Big Data work, put these solutions in your favor. Thus, your company builds a valuable differential to expand its operations in an increasingly digitized market!

Learn More About Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often used to refer to two related but different things. The first is the area of ​​science studies that seek to understand our cognitive capacities better to reproduce them in a computerized system. The other is the use of technology itself.

In short, what AI does is perform tasks by emulating the human mind — however, in some ways, technology is much faster and more efficient than our brains. An excellent example of this is crossing data to find patterns and generate insights, which brings us to the second concept.

As the name suggests, Big Data is a large set of data that can be captured and stored in various ways and from different sources. The central point of the technology is how it will be used. Data mining refers to organizing, categorizing, analyzing, and interpreting this material. We can say that Big Data makes it possible to transform raw data into intelligible, valuable, and relevant information.

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