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Machine Learning: Meet The Trend Of The Future!

Machine Learning: The advancement of technologies with minimal human intervention is a trend that accompanies us, already part of our lives without even realizing it.

This progress is all about data intelligence! In this context, Machine Learning emerges, bringing into practice the idea that machines can learn and help us with various tasks. Understand better below and know what to expect from this trend!

What Is Machine Learning? What Is It For?

When we have a task and get better at it over time, more skillfully? This means that we sharpen our ability to learn, and we can evolve in a given job. Broadly, this is the concept of Machine Learning within Artificial Intelligence, in which people represent the performance of algorithms on data.

Machine Learning, or “machine learning,” is a concept derived from Artificial Intelligence as a more specific type of application in Portuguese. It is any system that constantly modifies its behavior and execution of tasks based on its experience and repetition, with minimal human interference.

It works through algorithms, which represent actions; the set of these algorithms represents a step by step of a task to be performed in its entirety. The combination of these algorithms and the intelligence obtained by the machine itself generates Machine Learning.

The machine learns, executes, and the more it works, the more it applies new logic rules under the analyzed data patterns to improve performance. As it is a type of technology that evolves based on identifying new patterns, Machine Learning is “fed” from the constant input of further data.

Deep Learning is also a deeper type of learning, inspired by the human brain structure. But this is a subject for another article here on our blog!

Machine Learning In Practice: 10 Application Examples

The best way to understand Machine Learning is to know some application examples, some very well known and others more challenging to understand, but which are also in our routine. Check out:

  1. When Google Maps gives you the fastest route on the map, based on your location, and adapts when you change your course;
  2. When a sales site recommends products you might like, based on your searches and purchase histories, even on other sites; this personalization of the experience represents the future for retail;
  3. A system that identifies fraud in payments, with credit cards, for example, strengthening the fight against such illegalities;
  4. Text translation systems, which are increasingly assertive and accurate, based on contexts, expressions, and even local slang;
  5. Other recommendation systems that we can mention are streaming services, which increasingly know the profile and tastes of each customer, such as Spotify and Netflix, for example;
  1. When you want to know what people are saying about your product on the internet, Machine Learning can search based on linguistic rules and even suggest what can be done about it;
  2. The Government also uses such technologies in public security, as they have multiple data sources and need better management; facilitate sensor analysis, savings, fraud detection, and minimization of identity theft;
  3. In healthcare, it allows professionals to access patient data in real-time; it also offers the possibility to identify trends and alerts in the health area, including new diagnoses and treatments;
  4. This technology has been helping companies to discover new sources of energy, as in the oil and gas field; it is possible to predict failures, analyze minerals in the soil, make fuel distribution more efficient, economical, and much more;
  5. In the transport industry, technology helps in more efficient routes and forecasting problems, among other vital analyses for carriers and public transport, for example.

Why Is It So Important? Is It A Trend?

Machine learning is relevant for quickly and assertively optimizing data analysis and bringing ready-made solutions to various problems. And as time passes, we realize that the amount and complexity of data only increase, which makes technologies of this type necessary for companies to maintain their competitive advantages in the market, with increasingly practical solutions for their customers.

For these reasons, yes, it is a trend that will follow and evolve with us. Experts believe this technology will have a more significant presence, especially in the digital world of applications, digital assistants, and many other virtual resources that use artificial intelligence.

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