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Machine Learning: A Range Of Good Possibilities

The possibilities of machine learning: The rise of technology for the benefit of society allows a series of initiatives to facilitate our daily lives.

Dealing with Business, for example, it is essential to transform data into knowledge. There’s no point in capturing various data centers, sensors (Internet of Things – IoT), cameras, photos, and audio if you don’t convert them into useful information to take action from there. 

This transformation of data, usually a brutal amount of files, both structured (in a database) and unstructured (all other examples), is not simple: mathematical models and algorithms were applied to this transformation, and, more recently, it is being used in the concept of machine learning.

Machine Learning is a type of artificial intelligence that allows computers to evolve an algorithm (ability to learn) without being explicitly programmed: the algorithm or programming can change when fed with new data.

To understand the concept and possibilities of machine learning, I will make a comparison: about 20 years ago, the IBM initiative became famous when they programmed the Deep Blue supercomputer to play chess and, following the rules of the international tournament, won the master Gary Kasparov, the then current world chess champion. The algorithm used was “brute force”: an intense analysis of all possible moves to make the decision. Deep Blue analyzed 200 million positions per second. Kasparov studied orders of magnitude fewer moves per second, both on the same level.

Intelligent systems allow greater use of information, creating scalability, security, and reliability. They use an architecture based on an intermediate layer – gateways, in fact – that handle the data from the devices, optimizing the process. This allows us to control all the information in the database while executing any strategy, bringing scalability to this process, increasing processing power, and adding computational nodes, if necessary.

At Red Hat, our software allows us to assemble these intelligent gateways, and I can mention the case of Euro tech, a company dedicated to research, development, and production of Nano PCs, as well as high-performance computers, which had access to this new framework by connecting the active part with the information Technology.

Although I’m talking about Business, this topic is vast and exciting. The application of the Machine Intelligence concept goes much further. Algorithm analysis explores the mechanical part of robotics in studying the human genome, helping with biology theories.

This way, applications are being carried out in the real world, not just on computers. Combining data with algorithms is helping to develop robust theories in many industries.

We have many scientists attentive to the study provided by the computer/software, guaranteeing perspectives of new profound discoveries and progress in several areas.

Follow our tips to strengthen cyber protection, even when working from home – and, of course, our team is on hand to help make your team’s remote work adequately protected.

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Secure Network at the home office: Setting the computer to use the definition of the computer used during the home office is essential to establish the proper security procedures – and they are different for an organization’s equipment and personal use.

If the equipment belongs to the company, the primary attention must be on the internet network used by the user. And on return to the work environment, after quarantine, an inspection will be necessary to verify the device and the measures needed before it is used again. 

In case you choose to use the employee’s machine, however, the ideal is to know the protection adopted by the user and, if necessary, increase safety with appropriate solutions. 

Having an already established digital security policy will facilitate alerting and raising awareness among employees. Still, if there is none, it is essential to create basic rules, alerting everyone to the need to practice them daily.

Among the best security practices that must always be adopted, it is never too much to highlight:

  • Enabling automatic software updates for your operating system and programs;
  • Antivirus and always up-to-date backups;
  • Password management – ​​even if the work is remote, keeping the password secret is essential;
  • Beware of phishing that, in the current phase, uses subjects related to the new coronavirus to increase the chances of opening emails and malicious links. 

One last tip: the machine used by the employee must not be used by other family members, even if the equipment belongs to him.

Monitor Network Data Traffic

Monitoring the network data traffic of the machine used by the employee at the home office allows for identifying risks, such as access to unknown servers or suspicious files downloaded.

To do this, install a specific solution on the computer being used for remote work. And the good news is that these solutions, in addition to monitoring access and identifying vulnerabilities before they put the digital environment at risk, can scan the working hours practiced by each individual, ensuring a journey similar to that practiced in person. 

This control is essential for the sake of productivity and to prevent the employee from exceeding the workload – which can cause physical harm to the worker and even legal problems for the employer in the future.

Secure Network At The Home Office: Use Virtual Private Network (VPN)

While most business programs – such as Office 365 or Google Docs – use the software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud model, many mobile devices must be securely integrated into corporate networks.

In this scenario, a VPN (Virtual Private Network in Portuguese) is essential to securely connect two or more computers, allowing data traffic to be completely secure between them – it is worth noting that public VPNs do not offer the necessary protection, putting cybersecurity at risk.

With the home office on the rise, allowing the employee to access the internal Network without compromising digital security is essential. Therefore, a VPN must be configured for everyone who works remotely – otherwise, all communication and access between the remote worker and the company will be vulnerable.

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