IoT Benefits And Risks For Enterprise Data Security

IoT Benefits: The internet of things refers to the various devices connected via a network with specific analysis, measurement, and monitoring functions, among many others.

From sensors to smartwatches, cameras to advanced industrial equipment, a wide range of devices can be connected, forming a mesh that brings valuable information to users, especially in industrial and corporate environments. 

The growing interest in this technology has led to more investments and substantial developments both in embedded functions and in processing capacity and security, which has further boosted the adoption of these devices in the professional environment. However, while these solutions benefit organizations and consumers and impact the market, they are also of interest to cybercriminals, who carry out attacks ranging from crypto-jacking to cyberespionage and illegally accessing systems to steal data. 

Therefore, despite the numerous benefits IoT can bring to companies, its adoption must be done consciously so its risks are mitigated. Consequently, it is convenient to analyze these two aspects of technology to facilitate intelligent decision-making about this investment.

The Benefits Of The Internet Of Things

The concept of IoT encompasses a wide variety of items with equally diverse purposes, so it is impossible to list all the benefits that technology, collectively, can offer. Thus, it is interesting to focus on the main aspects that can be obtained with this type of device to get a clear overview of what can be expected from implementing these devices in the organization.

Process Automation

In industrial processes, intelligent machinery capable of collecting and analyzing production data and making real-time decisions that help streamline the process and avoid failures is one of the great highlights of industrial internet of things (or IIoT). This device makes production faster and more efficient while reducing losses and helping to predict and prevent breakdowns and interruptions in production lines.

In logistics services, both in warehouses and the field, intelligent readers for quick identification and Location of loads and augmented reality devices such as smart glasses give more dynamism to operations.

Improved Data Collection And Analysis

The new generation of IoT devices already has more processing power, which has allowed the development of so-called edge computing. In this concept, data processing takes place closer to the collection’s home, at endpoints such as internet of things devices. This helps to reduce latency, unburden networks and servers and bring a faster response in data analysis, in addition to adding more resources to semi-autonomous machines. 

With more data processed, the organization has more foundation for fast and accurate decision making, which helps to optimize the company’s activities and reduce errors and failures that can harm its operations.

Greater Operational Control

Thanks to the ability to intelligently monitor environments, people and processes, these devices can provide much more control over activities. This brings benefits ranging from preventing and rapid remediation of failures and errors to more control over activities in unhealthy and hazardous environments. 

Another exciting aspect is the ability to apply artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies to fields, factories, logistics and other operations. Through the IoT, remote collaboration is made much more accessible, allowing problems and doubts to be solved remotely and efficiently.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the use of connected devices by field teams, such as intelligent readers, smart glasses and the like. With them, teams gain mobility, precision of actions and more operational flexibility, as they can apply more intelligence to their activities, with greater capacity to collect and process local data—the IoT era is taking advantage of this expanding technology and its benefits while bringing maximum risk control. The increased attack surface and the harassment of criminals require more significant efforts, which a specialized vendor can supply.

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