Instagram Algorithm: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Instagram has become one of the leading social networks in recent years. It is considered one of the top platform options to create a business account, as it presents a great possibility of engagement and dissemination.

Despite this, many still do not understand the functionality of its algorithm, which can hinder the success of the created profile. We have listed some essential points about the Instagram algorithm: what it is, its criteria, and how it prioritizes the leading publications on its website. 

What Is The Instagram Algorithm

In short, the Instagram algorithm is an operating system within the platform that collects data from each profile and recommends similar posts or accounts based on your information. That is an artificial intelligence that interprets each user’s behavior on the network, suggesting positions that match what that person is looking for or likes, based on what the user has shown greater interest in within the site. Thus, your main feed and the exploration tab bring posts that fit the created profile. For example: if you like photos of ready-made clothes and looks on the platform, more pictures and content of this type will appear.

How The Instagram Algorithm Works

Initially, Instagram organized its main feed in chronological order, with the most recent posts at the top of the screen and the oldest ones along with the page. However, starting in 2016, the platform developed an algorithm that places the most relevant posts on your profile at the top of your timeline, “facilitating” the content of most significant interest to the user. This was a way that the network found to increase the engagement of its publications and the reach of users. From this, the social network considers a series of criteria to identify the most relevant content in each profile. Next, learn about some of these factors for creating the algorithm.


Engaging a post helps drive your content to more people. Even now, those likes are no longer visible to other users, comments, shares, saved posts, and even views of a video are metrics of a good performance achieved. As for the propagation of a profile, in addition to posts, clicks on a story and access to the shape through this tool are also strong indicators for generating engagement in your account.


Despite posts no longer being in chronological order, Instagram continues to add the latest content to the top of your feed. Each time a user enters the platform, the tendency is to show the publications that are the most “fresh” at that moment. Therefore, its algorithm still refers to a timeline when accessed.

Frequency And Close Friends

The frequency with which you publish your content is also essential to measure its relevance to other accounts. This is a case where your posts can compete with each other for engagement and relevance. Also, your closest followers (those you interact with the most) are typically at the top of your page and are most relevant to you. This analysis is done through comments and interactions with the other profiles you follow.

How To Use The Instagram Algorithm To Your Advantage

There are several ways to use the Instagram algorithm in your favor: analyzing its features mentioned above is an idea to start with. They can serve as a basis for increasing your relevance on the web. Still, there are other ways to benefit from this tool. Among them, we list the following:

  • Use the other resources that the social network has, such as polls in stories or short videos in IGTV format;
  • Maintain constant interaction with your followers, responding to their comments, reposting your posts, or DMs sent for more excellent contact;
  • Observe the time your followers are online to make publications in that time: this option is available in the “information/ insights” tab within your profile;
  • Choose quality images with strong appeal for your brand. After all, they are part of your profile identity;
  •  Use hashtags: they are essential sources of engagement on the platform. Use them often when you can associate them with your brand.

In this way, the Instagram algorithm can become an ally to increase the reach of your digital business and invite more consumers to your business. 

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