How Digital Trust Impacts Business Results

Digital Trust: Even with the world of work in a crisis, digital solutions keep growing. Technological tools certainly bring many advantages to the organizational environment but also generate new questions for business, such as digital trust.

Therefore, establishing digital credibility is a reason that can impact the results of service and communication, in addition to guaranteeing the confidentiality of information. Consequently, it is another positive aspect of attracting customers and helping companies achieve their goals.

Understand the concept of digital trust and see how to implement it in your organization!

What Is Digital Trust?

This technique concerns the security relationship that each person has with technology. With digital transformation, data, people and machines are responsible for keeping the company’s tasks up to date; that is, reliability is of utmost importance for the performance of projects in fluidity.

Connectivity between employees, customers and tools must be established in a secure environment where people feel comfortable sharing information and storing their data. Therefore, it is necessary to strategically compose some measures to demonstrate and affirm this security, especially in the case of digital.

It is necessary to guarantee the customer that the digital tools linked to the corporation do not allow any data to be leaked. This concern is very present on shopping platforms, where customers are afraid to enter their credit card details. Another form of threat is attacks made by hackers.

The company’s digital trust index should also be measured through analysis and reports . Thus, choosing the best means to be adopted to consolidate security through information technology is possible.

How To Implement This Idea In The Company?

The information technology sector and the organization’s management must promote actions that establish the idea of ​​internal and external security. Smart solutions must be accessible and easy to understand. Therefore, each step of digital transformation must be explained in detail, positively influencing communication. Check out examples of how to put this idea into practice!


Nothing better to clarify the functioning of new digital implementations than specific training, which brings knowledge to service teams and makes them promote the pillars of corporate security.

The material must include Transparency methods with customers about the means and rules practiced in the company, especially through digital tools.


Customers highly appreciate digital solutions that allow for personalization. The more personalized it is, the more people tend to feel safe. This is because if a consumer sees that their specificities are being met and considered, they realize the care the organization has for its customers and, consequently, data security.

For example, this can be observed in companies that work with telephone terminals. Automatic call forwarding conveys credibility, agility and trust. The call center’s organization and the operators’ qualifications also contribute positively to the creation of this environment of reliability.


It is very important to communicate the protective measures that the company takes to regulate your safety. Transparency can be expressed by the publication of privacy terms: what are the protective measures used and the basis of tools to maintain security.

The text must be clear and concise, posted on the website and may be available in service manuals and materials about the company’s services, among others.

How Can Digital Trust Improve Results In The Organization?

Once the idea of ​​trust is implemented, both the team of employees, suppliers and customers start to have more peace of mind in carrying out the processes related to the organization. The exchange of information becomes especially beneficial, bringing greater efficiency to communication.

Shopping Atmosphere

Typing data on a keyboard is very different from shopping in person. Digital trust makes people not afraid to provide and let the company store their data.

Such a feeling is fundamental for the good development of a virtual store, which strictly depends on customers accessing the digital environment to make their purchases. In other words, the more trust the company’s website and SAC convey, the greater the chances customers make their purchase.

Customer Experience

Creating a security status provides an improved customer experience that increases interaction in a digital or telephone environment, knowing that the corporation protects its data. Updating the tools and demonstrating the adopted digital mechanisms can be differentials in this sense.

When a consumer perceives that his needs are being intuitively identified, he tends to be more available for interaction, even to complain or clarify about the products and services offered.

Internal Communication

Errors and failures are the points that most interfere with the progress of a company’s activities. Avoiding them is, therefore, one of the main management tasks. Data protection helps not only customer relationships but also employees.

Establishing the right innovation tools for the team of professionals means adopting means that contribute to assertiveness, thus reducing the occurrence of inaccuracies in developing a task.

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