Five Tips To Ensure Corporate Data Security!

With the current digital transformation in most companies, knowing how to ensure corporate data security is not differentiable but extremely necessary.

Since many cases of cyber-attacks happen due to this digitization, a prevalent one is the ransomware type, in which the ransom is demanded to regain access to the company’s data!

However, this is just one of the possibilities that can happen with corporate data since this information can, in addition to being kidnapped, be stolen, copied, or even deleted if there is no adequate security strategy.

What Is Data Security?

Data security is any action taken that aims to prevent or remedy malicious or mistaken actions, hijacking, theft, or unauthorized modification of the content of an individual or company.

When we refer to corporate data security, these actions are aimed at not compromising the success and stability of the business. Thus, it is based on five different aspects, which are:

  • Confidentiality: It allows access to company data restricted only to authorized persons. 
  • Authenticity and Integrity: It guarantees the data’s originality and accurate information. Without protection, corporate information can be modified by hackers or even accidentally altered by employees, leading to losses. 
  • Compliance: This guideline concerns regulation; that is, it is the one that guarantees that data is processed correctly within the requirements of rules and laws. 
  • Availability: It makes it possible for data to be accessible, whenever necessary, to people who have the authorization to do so to be used as a basis in the decision-making process.
  • Irreversibility: It is what makes it impossible to deny the authorship of a transaction. 

Now that you’ve understood data security let’s explain the importance of these actions within an organization!

How Important Is Corporate Data Security?

So that you understand the importance of a company having a data security strategy, we will present you with some high-risk situations that can be circumvented with the proper execution of this tactic!

So, some of the problems that can be avoided are:

Computer Intrusions 

Hacking computers is one of the most common cyber crimes. An example is that in 2017, companies from approximately 150 countries had their computers hacked.

In this, employees were unable to access the systems and data of the companies, thus having a substantial financial loss since all the operation of these companies was interrupted.

Furthermore, if there is a leak of strategic data, other companies can take advantage and get ahead using this information.

Given this, from the execution of careful actions for data security, the assets of a company are protected, thus preventing the services from being compromised and consequently avoiding expenses.

Data Hijacking

When an organization’s devices, such as computers, are hacked, the system is inaccessible, and the data available on it is often hijacked.

In addition, after the data is encrypted, the devices start to present a ransom demand for a large amount of money to have access to the data again. This type of attack is called ransomware, and it causes even more significant damage to companies.


These situations also occur from the invasion of systems, where, on occasion, there is access to illicit data of the corporation, such as information about employees, partners, or service providers.

Thus, with the employment of all the information, frauds happen. Also, it is common for fraud to occur due to the leakage of personal data of customers and employees, which can be used for identity theft, such as accessing illicit systems, which causes immeasurable inconvenience.

Therefore, protecting corporate data prevents unauthorized access by profiles of former employees and maintains the trust of the company’s contractors when it comes to the security of their personal information, keeping the company’s good image.

Systems Crash

Another type of attack is called denial of service, or DDoS. Several hackers attack a system simultaneously, overloading it and affecting any online service, taking them offline and thus making them unavailable to users.

The consequence of this is, in addition to the damage already mentioned due to the services being inactive, it is the rework that companies will have because, in these attacks, data deletion and information corruption can occur, in addition to damaging equipment. 

How To Ensure The Security Of Corporate Data?

In mapping your business, first of all, it is essential to map the systems used by the organization and diagnose its infrastructure.

From this, it is possible to identify which points should be improved to establish the most viable data security measures.

Using Cloud Security Systems

Using data security in clouds, or on the cloud, allows the company not to be dependent on physical servers, so it is possible to guarantee more excellent protection of this information and also allows an easier recovery of this data in case of loss.

Backing Up Data

It is never possible to have information arranged singly. You should always make one or more copies of a company’s data.

This way, if an attack occurs and this information is tampered with, stolen, or destroyed, there is the guarantee of always having access to this information with its original characteristics.

Paying Attention To The Legislation 

Recently, the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) came into force, which is fundamental to guarantee the change in how personal data is used. Through it, the owner of this data has decision-making power regarding the control of this information.

Thus, all organizations must comply with this Law. Otherwise, they may suffer penalties for infringing it. Therefore, it is necessary to know the Law and what it requires.

Cleaning Up Old Data 

Keeping data available in the system, which has not been accessed for years, is just a way to increase the chance of their being compromised. Therefore, constantly clean up this availability, track this information, and file it in a safe place.

Finally, if you have already understood how important it is to keep a corporation’s data safe and have seen how this can be done, be sure to follow the contents of our blog and learn more about the universe of data security!

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