Five Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Best For Your Business

Digital Marketing: Why advertise on the Internet? This doubt affects most entrepreneurs and company directors. The world of the Internet, despite being huge and growing, still generates a lot of backwardness.

According to the digital economy report released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, published in October this year, the country has a virtual audience of approximately 120 million people.

Because the Internet reached, for the first time, more than 50% of households, the growth of this tool is shocking. We brought you the five main reasons to put distrust aside and play in the virtual world. 

Why Advertise On The Internet?

1 – Data Measurement

One of the most significant advantages of advertising on the Internet is the possibility of measuring the results of your campaigns through factual data. It is virtually impossible to do the same with advertising on other channels.

While we cannot measure how much an advertisement broadcast on television impacts its sales or on attracting new users – in this case, customers – all this information – the metrics – becomes palpable on the Internet.

2- Anyone Can Advertise On The Internet

The digital world is highly democratic. Anyone – literally – can invest in web advertising. This is a big differentiator on why to advertise on the Internet. As billing modes are flexible (cost per impression, click, acquisition, etc.), the outlay can vary greatly.

3 – Segmentation

Even for a campaign with a greater focus on Branding, segmentation guarantees more significant savings in budget and results. In addition, you can directly impact your target customers, for whom your content is relevant. 

4 – Go Viral

Maintaining good management of your social networks is essential for anyone who wants to generate engagement and maintain a healthy relationship with their audience. Sharing texts, videos and photos can generate excellent visibility for your company. Therefore, producing quality content is essential. It is through this tool that your brand gains credibility and visibility.

5 – Time Flexibility

The last reason why advertising on the Internet: is time flexibility. We can interpret this concept in several ways; it serves both the user and the advertiser. For the former, it’s all about instantaneity and purchasing power; all it takes is one click. For the second, the business is being able to create and pause campaigns whenever you want, without wasting time with bureaucracy.

We know that you, businesswoman or entrepreneur, have heard – at least a little bit – about digital marketing for companies and all the advantages it can bring to you. It is also common knowledge in the business world that always keeping an eye on consumer habits to get closer and closer to your target audience is essential.

But, as much as you already know this new market modality, there are always doubts about why to invest in it and whether it is valid to hire a digital marketing agency for companies. It is more than usual to have these questions in an area as dynamic as this.

Digital Marketing For Business: Why Invest?

As for the first, we answer with data: an increasingly accelerated globalization, and in a country where about 61% of people over the age of 10 are already connected – we are the fourth nation that uses the Internet the most in the world – digital marketing is a reality, and it is more than necessary to occupy the internet space.

But as simple as it sounds, digital marketing for businesses hides many challenges. It takes patience, data analysis and interpretation, and strategic thinking, and all this, to be done well, requires exclusive dedication. Now for the second question:

Why Hire A Digital Marketing Agency For Companies?

As we said above, it takes a lot of dedication for your digital marketing strategy to work. When you manage this process yourself, your time is reduced, and some other areas of your company can be left out – a problem that can affect your marketing area. Hiring a specialized company will save you time and start taking care of other essential segments, such as thinking about the general strategy, paying more attention to customer relationships, and attracting investments.

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