Digital Influencers: How Can They Help Your Business?

Digital Influencers: Browsing social networks, it is common to come across people sharing their experiences, care and favorite products.

Gradually and according to the number of followers of these people, brands began to see them as advertising opportunities.  This type of relationship between brands and heavy users of social networks has grown so much that today we see digital influencers as true professionals.  

However, if you still have doubts about the benefits of working with a digital influencer (or digital influencer ), we will explain everything to you. 

What Does A Digital Influencer Do? 

It should be nothing new for you when one of these bloggers mentioned above (or any other) makes a paid partnership with a brand, showing the products received or indicating some sponsorship. It is worth remembering that the law does not allow more “subliminal” advertisements.  

Well, the people who act in these promotions are considered digital influencers. They work creating content on a specific topic and, in this way, gain followers. Thus, it is common to find videos of Camila promoting aesthetic products or receiving gifts from niche brands. 

Why Working With A Digital Influencer Can Bring Results For Your Brand? 

When an influencer starts making YouTube videos or Instagram posts, he attracts users who identify with the content he creates and his charisma and personality.

Thus, digital influencers create a relationship of trust with their audience that other influencers (famous artists, singers, etc.) have not been able to develop. When an influencer says a product is good, their user base is more likely to believe it. 

After all, digital influencers earn this name precisely because they can influence people’s behavior – and it is this quality that sets them apart from the rest.

And The Micro-Influencers? 

Of course, not all brands can afford to partner with someone from Kim Kardashian or even Whindersson Nunes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get on the bandwagon with digital influencers. 

There are many digital influencers – covering the most varied niches. If you deal with a visual environment, for example, how about a partnership with an architecture firm with many followers?

Micro-influencers, by definition, are people who still don’t have that many followers (however, we’re considering thousands and not hundreds, okay?) but who get good engagement and are willing to close partnerships for lower prices.

How Do Influencers Bring Results To Your Brand? 

Okay, it looks like working with a digital influencer can increase your audience, but what about your bottom line? A survey conducted by Social Chorus analyzed that campaigns with digital influencers can engage the audience up to 16 times more. 

Produce Relevant Content

After knowing your audience and discovering their primary desires, beliefs and doubts, it is necessary to transform these materials into relevant content to be disseminated on social networks, blogs or any suitable means of communication for your consumers.

It is known that most people are used to researching the internet before making a purchase decision, so investing in content production and learning the channels most used by the audience you want to reach are essential.

The results of this strategy do not appear immediately. However, they tend to make the brand of a company more present in the minds of consumers. A company that maintains a blog with content focused on e-waste disposal will be more easily remembered by those who read the article and need this type of service in the future.

Create A Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand dramatically influences the way the market sees it. Investing in creating a solid and professional visual identity for your company can be decisive in how the quality and seriousness of your products and services are perceived.

Whether your company is only present in the digital world or has a physical headquarters, creating integrated visual communication is essential. The creation of a website, the arts used in social networks, flyers and even the façade and internal design of the company must follow the same logic about the applied look.

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