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Dangers Of Cloud Computing

Of course, there aren’t only advantages to cloud computing. Therefore, companies must deal with the potential risks.

An example of this is possible complications when integrating data or software into the cloud. It should be ensured in advance that your own IT systems are compatible with the service provider’s platform. Under certain circumstances, subsequent adjustments are associated with a great deal of effort. Therefore, the cloud provider’s offer should be checked for existing interfaces and generally for integration capability.

Not only technical problems can make it challenging to get started. Just changing the user interface can mean a drastic change in everyday work for the user. If there are also ongoing updates – in the form of functional extensions and adjustments – regular staff training must be carried out here.

The high level of data networking harbors another risk that should not be underestimated: the human source of error. Employees can access essential documents and unknowingly delete or permanently change them. It can be difficult to recover or recover lost data with cloud computing. When choosing the provider, care should be taken to insure that user rights can be adjusted at various levels within the software. In addition, other functions such as versioning (which means that an older version of the datasets can be restored in an emergency) and the creation of backups offer additional data backup options.

The prerequisite for cloud computing is an Internet connection, which requires a higher bandwidth depending on the requirement. This is not available at every location. In addition, fatal connection errors sometimes mess up the transfer (usually, of course, when the backup is being updated). This makes it difficult for the cloud system to process and store data.

Cybercrime and legal loopholes are also significant issues with the cloud solution. Leaked data records, malware that infects customers’ end devices with viruses or industrial espionage – a hacker attack can cause enormous damage. In the worst case, the provider of the cloud software can pass on all claims for damages. Therefore, before choosing the cloud provider, information about compliance with the security provisions of the data protection law of the European Union should be obtained. If the company or the plants are located abroad, completely different rules and safety regulations may apply. A potential risk that arises here is that sensitive data may fall into the wrong hands.

A uniform safety certification does not yet exist. However, the ISO standard 27001, according to the IT essential protection of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), offers guidelines for this. Appropriate certificates from the provider and advice from a company specializing in data protection can better secure the project and minimize risks.

An Interim Assessment – Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cloud Computing

Globalization requires more and more flexibility and availability at all levels in every respect. With the help of cloud computing technology, the flow of information in the digital world is continuously being advanced. Various advantages and disadvantages arise from the networking and outsourcing of services and data.

Integrating the data in a cloud enables potential savings in hardware, software and administration costs. Overall, there is an increase in productivity for the entire company. The prices depend on the basic fee and the additional requirements that arise. Compared to a location-dependent solution, the effort can be traced more transparently. In addition, individual state regulations and the associated legal requirements, especially in ​​data protection, must be observed. The data is available to authorized users in the cloud at any time anywhere in the world. This results in potential security gaps. Attacks from outside also threaten local devices if they are connected to the Internet. The benefits of cloud computing have a lasting influence on user behavior and company structures and have long since ceased to be dreams of the future. However, the change will still take some time.

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