Content Plan For Blogs And Social Networks

Social Networks: Nowadays, anyone can generate content and post it on the internet. This is not a complicated task, so many creators appear daily.

However, the goal of an efficient and specialized content plan for blogs and social networks is to ensure that this content:

  • Talk appropriately with your target audience, following your brand’s tone and voice definitions;
  • Have engagement;
  • Position themselves in search engines such as Google;
  • Generate conversion.

These four pillars are fundamental in content creation and ensure that your investment is not in vain.

Content Plan For Blogs And Social Networks: Why Is It Important?

Many companies question whether making a content plan for blogs and social networks is necessary. And the answer couldn’t be different: yes! This is essential for your publications to be assertive and achieve the goal of attracting more users, generating leads, conversions, etc.

Here, it is super valid to point out that starting to publish without a prior strategy will not bring results. So it’s useless to start doing it. Without goals, design, and analysis, your content will be just one more among the millions.

In this sense, content plans for blogs and social networks are marketing strategies that can offer many short and medium-term results. It is a fundamental tool to attract your target audience organically to promote the brand, get more visits, sell more services and, in general, make more money.

How To Make A Content Plan?

Developing a content plan for blogs and social networks is not an easy task. If you want to achieve success, here are some essential steps:

Create A Blog Content Plan

To create a content plan for blogs specifically, you need:

Conduct A Situation Analysis

Here, we recommend carrying out SWOT analysis. To do so, you must think about your business and some aspects of it:

  • Weaknesses. A weakness could be, for example, the lack of qualified personnel;
  • Threats. They are external and general industry-related, such as competition, industry pricing, etc.
  • Strong points. What is your company’s strength? Experience, qualified team of professionals, innovative product in the market?
  • What opportunities do you have to circumvent threats, improve weaknesses and strengthen strengths? For example, in case of a lack of qualified personnel, you could train your employees.

Define The Goals

It is essential to set realistic goals. Also, break them down into short, medium, and long-term goals.

Define The Target Audience

In any marketing strategy, it is essential to define the target audience. This is no different when we are talking about creating a content plan. It would help if you thought about who you are targeting so that the blog content is valuable and exciting.

Define The Strategies

Strategies are closely related to objectives. There are five great strategies to consider. Are they:

  • Positioning strategy;
  • Virtualization strategy;
  • Conversion strategy;
  • Brand recognition strategy;
  • Information strategy.

Depending on the goals set, you must choose one strategy or another.

Create The Content

You have to create the type of content you want, thinking about your audience’s needs and goals. Some possibilities are infographics, articles, videos, and e-books.

In addition, it is essential that your blog content plan already contains some relevant information, such as:

  • Publication date;
  • Publication title;
  • Publication structure;
  • Keyword;
  • Secondary keywords;
  • Sources;
  • Internal links.

Create A Content Plan For Social Networks

The truth is that the first steps are the same as those mentioned above to create a content plan for social networks. However, you also need to add a few more steps:

Choose Social Networks

Usually, when companies start working with their digital presence, most want to be on all social networks. However, this is counterproductive. It is essential to select the most suitable social networks for your company or business and also those that are setting trends.

But, of course, don’t be guided by fashion alone. If you want to publish content aimed at women over 50, the safest thing is to publicize the content on Facebook. It’s all about knowing your target audience and what platform they use it on.

Create A Calendar

When talking about the content plan for social networks, it is vital to have a calendar for posts. To do so, you can do competition analysis and study your audience. That way, you can decide which days of the week generate the most engagement and at what times.

Measure The Result

You need to know if the effort you are making is working. For this, as in any marketing strategy, it is necessary to measure the results. This will allow you to maintain the system, reinforce it, or change it completely.

Make Adjustments To Achieve Success

If you’re not achieving the goals you want, and with the data, you’ll have to make the necessary changes to your social media campaigns. This is normal and should not put you off.

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