Big Data: It Can Transform Your Career!

Big Data Can Transform Your Career: Companies that use Big Data have a significant advantage over their competitors. After all, with this resource, organizations can make faster and more effective decisions, thus achieving better results.

In this way, the professionals qualified to develop marketing strategies using Big Data tools are increasingly required in the job market and occupy a fundamental position in companies. Therefore, a Big Data course can be the path to the transformation you seek in your career.

Therefore, understand what Big Data is and how professionals with knowledge in this area have transformed companies’ reality and conquered excellent job market opportunities. Check it out now!

What Is Big Data?

Big Data can be defined as obtaining and analyzing information from a large and varied set of data. In other words, we are referring to a technology capable of processing, with high performance, a tremendous amount of information from different sources.

Therefore, Big Data is not a simple data analysis. After all, this feature allows an analytical view of the entire market and consumer behavior, enabling the understanding of patterns and the creation of predictive analytics.

The concept of Big Data has as its principle what is called “the 3 Vs of Big Data”: volume, variety and speed. Understand, now, each one.


Big Data technologies can obtain, process and analyze massive amounts of data. This is because, with the constant advancement of technology and the growing presence of the virtual in our daily lives, the amount of information circulates in digital media (social networks, cell phones, TVs, among others) is very large and grows continuously.

Therefore, Big Data systems can handle this significant and constant flow of data quickly and with high performance.


Variety refers to the ability of Big Data tools to work with information collected from various sources. The data can originate from different platforms, such as social media, mobile devices, etc.


Velocity is an important aspect of Big Data, as it refers to the ability to analyze the continuous flow of data in enormous amounts and quickly. Therefore, the speed allows a high analysis to be performed correctly so that the professional can predict trends and make the best decisions.

Having clarified the concept of Big Data, understand how this tool has changed the reality of companies and can change yours. Keep reading!

How Have Big Data Tools Changed The Reality Of Companies?

With the constant emergence of new technologies, consumer behavior and the market undergo frequent changes. Therefore, companies must pay attention to new standards and anticipate trends to remain competitive.

To understand how the collection and analysis of a large and varied volume of data with speed changes the reality of companies, think of examples such as Blockbuster and Netflix – which was able to understand the new patterns of society according to the technologies emerging markets and built a business model to meet new consumer demands. In turn, Blockbuster ignored the changes in the world and had to declare bankruptcy.

Soon, with the emergence of Netflix, other companies analyzed and understood the changes in the market and launched their streaming services. For this, organizations must rely on Big Data tools and qualified professionals to make strategic decisions based on the data collected.

Another example is Danone, which faced problems with the short shelf life of the Greek yogurt product and, through Big Data, managed to understand consumer behavior better and change the logistics of yogurt delivery to retail chains, reducing spending on expired products.

In addition, the study Business Innovation through Big Data Analysis demonstrates the need for companies to innovate by efficiently using Big Data tools. Therefore, professionals with a postgraduate degree in the area are increasingly indispensable for the success of a business.

This feature provides information from internal and external sources by collecting data from social networks, electronic devices, internal processes, surveys, etc. In this way, statistical techniques and data processing are carried out by technological resources. This allows the professional with knowledge in the area to have a broad and accurate view to identify patterns and predict trends, making profitable decisions for the company.

What Are The Career Opportunities For Graduates In Big Data?

With companies so dependent on data analysis to remain competitive in the market, the professional who completes a Big Data course becomes increasingly recognized and valued in the corporate world. Thus, the professional opportunities in the area are excellent.

Therefore, a postgraduate degree in Big Data is highly recommended for professionals and leaders of marketing teams, senior analysts, coordinators and leaders who desire to assume managerial positions related to Consumer Behavior, Customer Relationships or Management and Marketing, and even consultants. And freelancers working in the area, among others.

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