Agribusiness: Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

Technology is transforming all areas of the economy and society. Agribusiness is one of the most profitable segments today and has also undergone significant changes with digital transformation.

In this post, we tell you a little about AI in agriculture, how this aspect of technology is revolutionizing agriculture, and the applications of technology in this area. Good reading!

New technologies are transforming all segments. After several areas have benefited from digital transformation innovations, artificial intelligence has proved to be a solid ally for raising agribusiness productivity to unimaginable levels until a few years ago. But how robots and intelligent systems are inserted and applied in this environment? Follow next!

Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture: A Strong Ally For More Sustainable And Profitable Production

The world is moving towards sustainability and process optimization. Everything revolves around technologies and innovations that deliver more expressive and efficient results, and in the case of agribusiness, in particular, more sustainable and scalable.

Artificial intelligence is a branch of technology developed by math professor John McCarthy in the 1950s in the United States. This area of ​​computer science proposes to create intelligent machines and systems, that is, capable of reasoning, learning, making decisions, and solving problems. From it derived the terms machine learning and deep learning, which are stages of artificial intelligence. But where does all this fit in agribusiness?

According to researchers, “Everything that can be automated will be automated.” Exponential changes and technologies will happen anyway. We are living a new moment: the transformation of digital agriculture! More and more technological advances develop, and the level of automation in agribusiness today is already very expressive!

Today, many mills and farms are already connected through networks installed in the field. Operations are mechanized, and everything can be monitored in real-time. It is the era of generating and managing data and indicators.

In other words, the presence of technology and artificial intelligence, specifically in agribusiness, give rise to a new concept of agriculture, precision agriculture. Artificial Intelligence is present in a series of applications, from soil analysis for planting to harvesting the crop, with quick decision-making in the face of problems. Want to find out what they are? Follow next!

Identification Of Weather Phenomena

In addition to the traditional weather forecast, many farmers already have access to pre-measurements of temperature, precipitation, wind direction, speed, and other climatic phenomena that can positively or negatively influence crops. This can be monitored practically in real-time, making data analysis much richer and more assertive for Agro.

Autonomous Vehicles

Prototypes of autonomous tractors already exist. With artificial intelligence, these vehicles may be able to stop what they are doing if it starts to rain and change the route, heading to a dry area. The rural producer or an employee can monitor this entire process remotely through a smartphone.

As we mentioned earlier, tractors and autonomous vehicles are part of a trend that should strengthen and bring more and more news to the segment. In addition to the example mentioned above, there is already talk of the ability of an unscrewed land vehicle to accurately measure the amount of pesticide in a crop without any direct human interference.

In addition, we also need to mention the intelligent harvesters that can be programmed according to the need to harvest each type of raw material and also the possibility of complete mapping of rural properties, which contributes to the identification of, for example, regions of deforestation, excessive use of pesticides and pests.

Agro 4.0 Trends For The Future

The presence of Artificial Intelligence in agriculture deserves our attention, and we have a series of examples already mentioned in this sense. The question to consider now is what the next steps will be.

After All, Where Will AI Take Agribusiness?

The primary trend observed is that technology will leverage the sector and transform the field into a high-tech scenario increasingly fast and intense.

With the segment’s improvement, the perspective is that there will be high investments in agribusiness, especially in innovation and technology. This will also require training and preparation of work teams and professionals in this market.

Those who always manage to be one step ahead will come out early in the technological and AI race, anticipating situations and new scenarios and demonstrating speed to adapt to the new.

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