5G And IoT: The Relationship Between These Two

5G and IoT undoubtedly form a duo that promises to accelerate the digital transformations of this era further. And, of course, it directly impacts the efficiency of management and production processes, etc.

Although there is already a structure prepared to receive 5G in some capitals, this technology is still an expectation for many. But, according to the Ministry of Economy, there is a highly positive outlook regarding deadlines and the benefits of the 5G and IoT duo.

 Unlike what many imagine, the timetable for the availability of 5G is optimistic, with the prospect of covering, by mid-2025, all cities with more than 500,000 inhabitants. The deadlines should end in 2028, in the last stage, with coverage of municipalities with more than 30,000 residents.

In other words, 5G is a very close reality. It should be included in planning and, mainly, in the investment in tools thinking about leveraging the dissemination of the use of the Internet of Things with 5G.

Shall we better understand this link between the two technologies, and what are the expected benefits for companies?

How Does 5G Impact The Functioning Of The IoT?

Before we understand how these two technologies are related, shall we know more about them separately?

What Is IoT?

You sure have heard of IoT. It is the acronym for Internet of Things, or, translating, Internet of Things, created in September 1999 by Kevin Ashton. But the idea of ​​things connecting to the internet didn’t catch on until a good few years later.

The first piece of equipment was an intelligent toaster presented at the INTEROP ’89 Conference by Simon Hackett and John Romney. It could be turned on and off using the internet, starting a revolution in process automation, data capture and volume.

Since then, you must have seen that the internet of things has been implemented in numerous functions, activities and equipment. And we’re not just talking about appliances, watches and household objects. Today, this technology can assist in surgical procedures, activities in large industries, logistics and motorsport.

In short, IoT is the technology capable of connecting everyday objects and transforming them into intelligent equipment. Like, for example, automatic cars, virtual assistants and many others.

And 5G? Which Is?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile connection. If you look at your phone for a minute and disable the Wi-Fi network, you will notice that it uses mobile data to perform network functions. 

But, as we mentioned earlier, the predictions for the popularization of 5G in the country are highly optimistic. And with that, the way we use mobile data on our devices must change completely.

You may not remember, but the world before 4G was illustrated by low-intensity images and time-consuming loading. It would be unimaginable to watch movies and series on a streaming platform. 

Accessing “heavy” information, systems, and smartphone tools were impossible. But, unlike what many imagine, 3 and 4G frequencies are very similar, 2.1 GHz and 2.5 GHz. 5G works at a frequency of up to 95 GHz. In addition to more incredible speed, 5G requires reasonably smaller structures and tends to “spread” much more quickly than 4G. 

Its use, therefore, promises to revolutionize much of what we currently know about the internet of things, automation, etc. However, it is worth mentioning that this new generation of mobile connection demands a specific structure for devices and towers.

5G And IoT: Much More Innovation!

With 5G, more equipment can be connected simultaneously without losing quality and efficiency. We are saying, therefore, that the 5G and IoT relationship provides more scalability for the use of connectivity.

It makes interactions much more agile, reliable and efficient, even with numerous connected devices. This, of course, is fundamental, especially in critical situations that demand agile communication, like surgery, for example, or the locomotion of an automatic car, which needs speedy answers.

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